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RevCam works on his sermon some more that evening. He hears voices again. The voices want him to go follow Simon. Another voice wants RevCam to trust his kids. Robbie enters and interrupts. Robbie tells RevCam about the breakup, and that he was the one who talked Mary into breaking up with Captain Smith. But lest you think Jessica Biel will be back anytime soon, it seems that Mary still wants to live in Ft. Lauderdale, away from everyone else, so she can "make her own mistakes." She does, however, want RevCam to have her address, so Robbie gives it to him and goes to bed. Lucy comes by to tell RevCam that she's given up on finding out if Kevin is a virgin. "I have a feeling this isn't over," says RevCam. "I'm going to try," vows Lucy. She exits. Ruthie enters and tells RevCam that she's proud of herself because she "just walked away" from someone who called her names. And, despite peer pressure, she didn't punch Cruel Girl. RevCam gives Ruthie props for being such a good girl. Ruthie reassures him about everyone else in the family. "Thanks and goodnight," says RevCam. "You're welcome and goodnight," says Ruthie exiting. "You are keeping an eye on Simon, right?" he asks God.

Hospital parking lot. Simon sits in his car with the quietest baby ever. It's raining. He cries a lot while saying goodbye to the baby so he'll have a tape to submit to the Emmy committee. Or maybe at least the People's Choice Awards. He finally gets out of the car and gives the totally silent baby to a big fat black nurse and explains that he's dropping the baby off "for safekeeping." "God bless!" says the big fat black nurse. ["I guess in Glenoak they don't ask any questions about a random kid just dumping an anonymous baby at the hospital." -- Sars] Simon cries. Sergeant Michaels watches from the safety of an unmarked police car and nods proudly to himself.

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