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Kevin glares at a sleeping Lucy. Uncomfortable from the hot sensation of Kevin's eyebeams burning holes in her face, she wakes up. Kevin apologizes to Lucy for all the totally accurate things he said earlier, blaming it on being "jealous" that Lucy is better with the baby than he is. Lucy forgives him, but admits that a lot of what he said was true. She has been showing off with the baby and not giving Kevin a chance to be a father. So she's sorry too, and they both forgive each other and share a steamy kiss on the lips. Then the baby cries, and Kevin says he'll take care of her. But the new, unselfish Lucy tells him to let the baby cry because she has something she wants to say to him first: she thinks it's great living at the CamPound. Kevin admits that her parents have been a big help. Lucy says she won't be "ready" to leave the CamPound for a few months. Kevin says he can wait, but reminds her that "months have a way of turning into years." Lucy promises they won't. I don't see why anyone would believe her. I also don't see how, if you're mature enough to get married and have a child, you aren't "ready" to move out of your brother's old bedroom.

Vincent's parents "feel just terrible" about eating the Camdens' dinner. They'll feel a lot more terrible once the arsenic Annie uses to season her dishes hits. RevCam asks them what we've been wondering all episode: why do they want Vincent to go to church so badly? Their answer is long, so I'll give you the short version. A Contrived, Unrealistic Storyline Forced Into The Script To Parallel Kevin and Lucy's Situation Digest, if you will. Here we go: when Vincent was born, his parents moved back in with his maternal grandparents. And they never left. The grandparents did all the parenting while the parents sat around watching television, I guess. Vincent's mom says this was a "wonderful arrangement for everyone involved." Yes, except for, say, the grandparents. Last year, they finally got sick of being taken advantage of and moved to Hawaii, leaving the house with their daughter, sort of like the Walshes did on Beverley Hills 90210, but even stupider, if this is possible. So now Vincent's parents actually have to be parents, but they don't know how, so they want RevCam and his church to do it for them. The only other option, explains Vincent's dad, is that they follow the grandparents to Hawaii and make them take care of Vincent again. I bet the grandparents made damn sure to keep their phone number unlisted and their address private just in case this happened. RevCam has a third solution, an idea so crazy that it just might work: Vincent's parents could try to parent! Oh, except that they don't want to. RevCam says that he can help them; the whole church can. Guess what, whole church? RevCam just volunteered you for teenage boy babysitting! RevCam says he feels strongly about "this issue," that being having strong young teenage boys around him. It certainly isn't about being a presence in one's children's lives through thick and thin, since, as we've seen in the cases of Simon and Mary, when the parenting gets tough, RevCam believe the children should get sent off to college or Buffalo.

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