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Martin finds Ruthie in the foyer. She asks him some leading questions about how well he slept last night, then says that she just saw "Zoe" leaving the Treehouse -- and she was wearing the same clothes she had on yesterday. I guess we're supposed to be concerned with the status of Martin's virginity, but I'm more alarmed that Ruthie is now memorizing the apparel of strangers. Zoe better watch her back! Martin says that doesn't mean anything; sometimes people wear the same clothes two days in a row. Like Bart Simpson, who has been sporting that blue shirt for, like, years. Ruthie doesn't even pretend to believe Martin's explanation. Oh, good. We're going to be treated to yet another "is Martin still a virgin?" storyline. I guess it has been, like, three episodes since the last one, so we are overdue. RevCam walks in, and Ruthie asks him for a ride to school. Martin says he'd be happy to give her a ride, but Ruthie says she just wants to spend time with her father. She leaves, and RevCam asks Martin if he and Ruthie have been fighting again. Martin says they haven't, and he doesn't know why Ruthie wants to spend time with her father. I guess she's afraid of catching possible premarital sex cooties from Martin.

Kevin wanders into the nursery and finds Lucy holding the baby. She tells him that breastfeeding has come "pretty quickly" for her, which she wasn't expecting after hearing so many "horror stories" about it from Mary. Well, I'd imagine it's a little tougher to take time out the nurse when you're embarking on a semi-successful movie career, although I doubt this will ever be a problem for Lucy. Kevin asks when they can check out that mansion he bought and is currently paying a mortgage on. Lucy says she wants to, but she would rather wait until the baby is sleeping for more than two hours at a time before she leaves her. And she has plenty of time to wait for that, since she doesn't plan on moving for a few "months." At the sound of Lucy's voice, Savannah begins to fuss. Lucy asks Kevin if one of the reasons why he wants to move so quickly is because he doesn't want anyone to see her breastfeeding their daughter. Kevin says he didn't realize she would be so "free" with it. I hope Lucy isn't supposed to be breastfeeding right now, because you can plainly see the pacifier in Savannah's mouth. Lucy says breastfeeding makes her feel "motherly." Kevin says she's his wife, and I guess only he is supposed to see her breasts, not the rest of the CamPound. Lucy says she's a mother too, and orders Kevin to change the baby. Kevin asks if she can take care of feeding and changing Savannah for the first three months, and then he can take care of it once she's on the bottle. Lucy says she was planning to nurse for six months. I'm glad this show is keeping us so well-informed about Lucy's breastfeeding, because I really wanted to know. Kevin says he doesn't like changing the baby because its umbilical cord is "freaky." Lucy says it'll fall off eventually. Kevin says he didn't realize that babies were so gross. Not all babies are gross, Kevin! Just the ones with Camden blood in them. Also, Ruthie.

Annie answers a knock at the door to find the triumphant return of Mrs. Poole. Seeing as she wasn't invited to the baby shower (which was kind of rude on Annie's part, if understandable, considering Mrs. Poole's behavior at the last one), she's bringing over some gifts for the baby now. Annie tries to grab them out of her hands and shut the door in Mrs. Poole's face, but Mrs. Poole won't give them up without entering the house first. She cheerfully requests to see the baby, but Annie, with an equally cheerful-yet-covertly-hostile tone, says the baby is too young for guests. I have to say, I love the tension between Annie and Mrs. Poole, and the fact that it has been consistent over this entire show's run. It might be the only thing 7th Heaven has ever done right. Lucy comes downstairs and invites Mrs. Poole up to see the baby. Mrs. Poole practically sprints upstairs. I know babies are cute and all, but damn. There is such a thing as being too eager, Mrs. Poole.

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