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RevCam, who is supposed to be at work, answers the CamPound phone. Of course, it's Zoe's parents, and they just want to make sure that RevCam doesn't "think badly" of Zoe for her slutty sleepover habits. When RevCam realizes exactly what they're talking about, his face registers jealousy, followed by dismay.

Lucy's breastfeeding Savannah. RevCam comes bounding into the room and gets all flustered when he sees Lucy, even though she's covered with a nursing blanket. I don't have a problem with breastfeeding, but if you're living in someone else's house, rent-free and totally unnecessarily, and they have a "no nudity" rule, you might want to close your door when you do that. Not like that would stop RevCam, but you should at least make the effort. RevCam runs out into the hall and finds Annie. She asks him what he wants, but he can't quite remember because seeing Lucy has gotten him all hot and bothered. And, ew. Finally, he collects himself enough to tell Annie that there is a problem. He doesn't get a chance to say what it is before Annie is complaining about how Lucy seems "thrilled" to let other people see her baby. Yeah, I can't imagine why someone would want to show off the thing they were most proud of to eager onlookers. RevCam takes the opportunity to blame this on Lucy not having to do any chores since "they" are doing them all for her. Annie shoots him a her trademark furious "say WHAT?" clownface until he amends the statement to say that it is Annie, and only Annie, who is doing Lucy's work for her.

Finally, RevCam gets a chance to tell Annie about the phone call he got from Zoe's parents. The CamRents are very disappointed that Martin would taint the Treehouse with sin. Annie says that Martin can just move back into the CamPound, and share a bedroom with the twins. Yeah, I'm sure Martin won't threaten to emancipate himself again if they tried that. RevCam says an easier solution would be that they pay less attention to Lucy and the baby, and more to everyone else in the house. Regardless, he wants to see if Martin or Ruthie, who he is sure knows about the sleepover, comes forward about it before he does anything. Not doing her "it's okay to abandon the children while we take care of Lucy and Kevin" case any favors, Annie says she just got a call from SamVid's poor teacher, requesting that the CamRents not let their children pack their own melty lunches and letting them know that they owe her for two school lunches. I'd love to say something about how freaking stupid the twins are, but since I had a similar kindergarten mishap when I put an open carton of milk in my lunchbox, which then spilled all over the floor during story time, I don't have too much room to talk here.

Kevin comes upstairs holding a bunch of thank-you notes to write for all the baby gifts. Annie asks if she can write any. I wonder if Miss Manners has ever addressed the rudeness of having one's mother-in-law do baby gift thank-you cards. Kevin tells her he can take care of the cards himself.

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