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The Heart Of The Matter

Annie chooses this moment -- about an hour after Eric has awoken from major surgery -- to tell him about the big scandal with Lou closing down the church for two weeks. Way to go, Annie. I'm sure RevCam really needs to hear that right now. And since we're only two and a half minutes from the end of the episode, we need a solution -- fast! Fortunately we have PC, who is offering the services of her father, Rabbi Richard, to perform services in the church, if the "parishioners wouldn't mind a rabbi." Hey, those loser parishioners gossip about shit as innocuous as RevCam being outside his house in pajamas. Obviously they're gonna be super-pissed about a rabbi leading their Sunday service. Since RevCam is still a little groggy from the, you know, major surgery he had an hour ago, he's not too quick with an answer, and Annie jumps in to say she'll call Lou. She'll be sorr-ry! The nurse comes in and kicks out everyone but Annie.

The CamRents share some of their boring non-chemistry as they insist that they love each other. This is probably meant to be a charming scene, but it falls far short, particularly when Annie basically threatens to harm RevCam if he ever lies to her again. Hey, I hate being lied to too, but if I were Annie, I'd feel like a real shitheel to be badgering a man who's been out of open-heart surgery for an hour.

Woo, it's some more "Rock-A-Hula Baby"! I'll bet that means we're in the homestretch now. And this time, all the CamDolts are joining in too. There's Lucy in her bikini, and Annie in her muumuu and Ruthie in a grass skirt. None of the guys get to show off their abdomens -- well, except for Cyborg Kevin, whose body has been constructed perfectly from that liquid metal stuff. From off-screen, a production assistant throws RevElvis something which looks like either the world's smallest cheerleading pompom or else a maraca with streamers on it. RevCam sings; Annie tries, and fails, to lip-synch along. Even Elvis -- one of the cheesiest performers of our time -- must be rolling in his grave now. Although he's probably snickering at the same time.

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