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The Heart Of The Matter

PC comes in and hands Annie and Lucy sandwich platters that look way more appealing than what you would expect to find in a hospital setting. Inexplicably, she wants to know where all the menfolk are. Annie delivers some lame male-bashing comments, which prompts Lucy to say that she thinks she's made Kevin wait too long for her. Smiling a lot, she coyly skips off to find her cyborg, leaving Annie to ask for PC's help with Ruthie.

Ben has been looking for Kevin. He finally finds him in the cafeteria, sitting in front of a big tray of untouched food. I think Kevin's trying to throw us off the trail so we won't think he's a cyborg -- hence the big plate of food. Ben is full of congratulations for the evil robot now that Lucy has decided she's ready to marry him. T-1000 doesn't look too thrilled, and he says again that he will not be asking Lucy to marry him. He brings up the valid point that Lucy may just be reacting to her worries over her father by clinging to Kevin. Okay, I can buy that. That doesn't sound like Kevin's biggest stumbling block, though. Nope. Kevin thinks the hospital setting isn't "romantic" enough for a marriage proposal. And what would be? "I wanted to take Lucy to dinner at a restaurant with red roses and candles. I wanted to look into her eyes and give her the most beautiful ring I could find and ask her to be my wife." Oh, yuck. Is there a single cliché he left out? What about asking RevCam's permission? Yep, he wants to do that too. I'll bet it's because he wants to find out how big her dowry is before he commits himself. When Ben nearly laughs his ass off at the idea of Kevin talking to RevCam, T-1000 tries to convince us that he's more romantic than Ben. Ben points out his super-romantic proposal to Mary in front of the men's washroom in the airport. Kevin reiterates the whole bit about not wanting Lucy to be "scared" into marrying him. He goes, leaving behind his tray of still-untouched food. See? What did I tell you? Ben gets up to follow his brother, but not before grabbing something off the robot's plate. It looks like a chunk of beef stew. Gross. Maybe Ben should consider grabbing a napkin while he's at it.

Simon is just completing a call at a pay phone when Robbie strolls up and demands to know who he was talking to. Man, that's rude. I won't even necessarily ask my husband who he's been talking to on the phone. How could Robbie possibly think Simon's business is any of his business? That crazy Glenoak. And I mean that in the nastiest possible way. Simon wants to whine about Dopey and Mary some more, but Robbie would rather turn the conversation around to Simon and his alleged guilt over fighting with RevCam. Needless to say, that leads to some pretty dull dialogue.

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