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The Known Soldier

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The Known Soldier

Back at the CamPound, Ruthie is setting the camera up again. She's wearing another flag-clad shirt, and the pin Morgan sent her. She puts on an olive-green military cap, and says that she's dedicating this song to Staff Sgt. Dwight J. Morgan. She tells the troops that she appreciates what they're doing for them. She turns on the boom box, and sings and dances badly to "I Won't Back Down." It's still creepy.

The episode ends with a list of all the military personnel that have been killed in the "U.S.-led War on Terrorism." To show that I'm not a complete and utter ogre, and perhaps work my way back to the eighth circle of Hell, they are:

Sgt. Thomas F. Allison
Spc. Marc A. Anderson
Air Force Master Sgt. Evander Andrews
Capt. Matthew W. Bancroft
Lance Cpl. Bryan P Bertrand
Capt. James B. Blackmon, Jr.
Chief Petty Officer Matthew J. Bourgeois
Gunnery Sgt. Stephen L. Bryson
Tech Sgt. John A. Chapman
Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Ross Chapman
Staff Sgt. Walter F. Cohee III
Pfc. Matthew A. Commons
Staff Sgt. Brian T. Craig
Sgt Bradley S. Crose
Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham
Machinist's Mate Fireman Apprentice Bryant L. Davis
Master Sgt. Jefferson Donald Davis

Spc. Jason A. Disney
Staff Sgt. James P. Dorrity
Spc. John J. Edmunds
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jody L. Egnor
Maj. Curtis D. Feistner
Sgt. Jeremy D. Foshee
Staff Sgt. Kerry W. Frith
Staff Sgt. Justin G. Galewski
Staff Sgt. Scott N. Germosen
Chief Warrant Officer Stanley L. Harriman
Sgt. Nathan P. Hayes
Navy Fireman Apprentice Michael Jakes Jr.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Benjamin Johnson
Pvt. Giovanny Maria
Sgt. Jamie O. Maugans
Capt. Daniel G. McCollum
Master Sgt. William L. McDaniel II
Staff Sgt. Dwight J. Morgan
Staff Sgt. Roderick D. Nesmith
Capt. Bartt D. Owens
Petty Officer 1st Class Vincent Parker
Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Petithory
Staff Sgt. Brian Cody Prosser
Staff Sgt. Juan M. Ridout
Petty Officer 1st Class Neil C. Roberts
Sgt. 1st Class Daniel A. Romero
Staff Sgt. Bruce A Rushforth, Jr.
CIA Officer Johnny "Mike" Spann
Pvt. 1st Class Kristofor T. Stonesifer
Sgt. Philip J. Svitak
Capt. Theodore S. Treadwell
Sgt. Jeanette L. Winters

Thanks, guys.

Next week: After all this discussion of American liberties, 7th Heaven looks at interfaith marriages with the very sensitive episode title of "Holy Wars." Idiots.

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