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The Long Bad Show

Mrs. Smith says that RevCam should tell Simon; maybe it will help him feel better. RevCam says that Simon will probably struggle with this for the rest of his life, then says: "that's just the thing -- [Simon] still has a lifetime." Great words of consolation there, Mr. Self-Appointed Counseling Expert. Mr. Smith says that their other son is angry at Simon and "out of control." Yeah, I could tell. After all, in the three months since his brother died, he's spray-painted a sign with a Bible quote and…uh…well, nothing else, but did I mention that the paint was red? That requires a lot of elbow grease to remove. He's definitely dangerous. The Smiths suggest that Simon "go somewhere else," because they're afraid that Justin will try to hurt him and they want to "remove the temptation." I think it also might have something to do with the fact that they probably hate Simon and don't want to run into him at the supermarket. RevCam says that he and Annie will try to figure out an alternative for Simon. Then he whisper-cries his gratitude to them for accepting the settlement and trying to protect his son. Yeah, if by "protect," you mean "run out of town." Finally, the Smiths leave and this bizarre, awkward scene can end. Oh, but not before RevCam can thank God for making the Smiths' son a drug addict and ask Him for some more favors. What has RevCam even done for God lately, besides forsake him for a thrilling career in radio and writing smutty novels, to merit asking for so much in return? Shut up, RevCam.

And that's it. See you next week for the thrilling conclusion. Maybe something will actually happen in the present tense this time!

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