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Fortunately, the stupid cell phone rings, thus eliminating any positive feelings I had about this show in one fell swoop. It's Annie, on her way to bed. If she's on her way to bed in California, isn't it, like, midnight in New York City? Annie needs to either learn how to figure out time zones or find a way to manage her dependency on other people a little better. Or both. She asks Matt if everything's okay. He pauses, then tells her that everything's fine. Annie says that everyone loves him. Except Ruthie, who will never forgive him for not answering her precious, precious call. Matt says good night and hangs up. Whatever, Matt -- you totally wasted a perfectly good opportunity to get some sympathy from Mom for your bad day. Matt takes out his stethoscope and listens to his own heart. I don't think he'll be able to hear it over the loud Piano of Destiny. Matt puts the stethoscope back in his black bag and looks sad as the scene fades out. I'd like to go one record as saying that I will be forever impressed if this show makes Matt a nurse, and spares us the whole "nursing is women's work" storyline. I think they owe it to us after making Mary quit firefighter training because she liked boys or whatever.

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