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Matt and one of the other students get some lunch. Sinatra praises Matt on his intubation ability. Liu asks Matt where the CPR practice head is; Matt says it's in a room next to the hematology lab. Sinatra asks Matt how he found that place, at which point PC butts in and pointedly wonders how Matt found a room next to the lab as well. The unfunny sarcastic receptionist comes in and tells everyone that lunch is over. Why is she allowed to boss them around?

There's a clock-wipe to the old lady being wheeled into another room; apparently her condition is worse. You know what? I'm beginning to look forward to the clock-wipe. Compared to the rest of the show, it's hugely entertaining. I'm going to start cheering when I see it, like one would when his team scores a touchdown in a football game. The group walks by Marie, who tries her best to look all kinds of shocked and upset. This fades (no clock-wipe? Booo!) to Assbeard, Matt, and Marie. Assbeard tells Marie that her friend suffered a "massive stroke." Matt asks Marie if he can do anything for her; she says she needs to go home and feed her dog. Nice priorities, Marie. Assbeard tells Matt to walk Marie to the desk and get a nurse to "assist" her. They'll go home with her and feed her dog? I need to start going to the ER more often. "Um, yeah, I have a headache, and my kitchen is really dirty. Could you send a nurse to clean it? Thanks so much!" Assbeard apologizes to Marie for the bad news with a big ol' smile on his face. Hey, do you think the writers are trying to tell us that Dr. Assbeard has a bad bedside manner? And that he doesn't really care about his patients? I can't really figure it out. Matt tries to walk Marie to the desk, but she insists on seeing her friend right now. Then she gets dizzy, but says she's fine even though she's obviously going to die before the episode ends. Oh, sorry to spoil that for you, one person on this planet who couldn't see that coming a mile away. Matt leads Marie to her friend's room, and waits outside with Nurse Debi.

Matt and Debi talk. Matt thanks her for the stethoscope, then asks if the ER is like "this" every day. Debi says it's usually worse. She bitches and moans about her job and how she has to take care of fifteen patients a day, and then when she comes in the next morning, there are fifteen new ones. She says she would just like to come in to work one day and have there be no patients so she could say she fixed everyone. Who would she say that to? The unemployment office, I guess, since that's where she'll be heading if the ER ever does run out of patients. Matt asks her what makes her come back in the morning. "That 'one thing'? What's your one thing, Dr. Camden?" Debi manages to ask without answering the question first posed to her. Before Matt can avoid answering her question by asking her one, there's a loud crash from the old lady's room, where Marie has fallen over and managed to take a few medical supplies to the floor with her. Debi picks up a phone and tells whoever answered it that she needs a doctor -- "now!" Then she hangs up before she can say where the doctor is needed.

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