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The Ring

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The Ring

Dopey finds Sarah and proposes to her again. What is this, the third time? It really is pretty silly, especially when you consider that they're already married. I'm sure that won't stop hundreds of little girls, though, from wanting to swoon as they imagine being proposed to themselves by the greasy-headed "hunk." PC pretends that she really wants to keep the gemette as her engagement ring, but she lets Dopey talk her out of that gesture pretty quickly. As Dopey sits down in a chair and pulls PC onto his lap, I see that she's not wearing a shirt. It looks like before she came over, she put on a lacy, long-line bra and then just covered it with a bolero. Nice. The two settle down for some energetic kissing.

Over on the front stairs, Ruthie, Simon, and Robbie are spying on the happy couple. Big surprise there. Simon wonders if he will ever get married. I'm not sure what the laws are in California, but unfortunately, I doubt they allow the kind of marriage Simon would be getting into. Ruthie doubts his marriage prospects also, asserting that he will "die alone." Damn, that's cold, but funny too. What does she see for Robbie? He "will marry many times." But surely there could only be one International Pop Sensation as sensational as Joy!

As weird as it was that those three were spying on Dopey and bride, it's even weirder that the CamRents are too. You're not likely to catch me all over my husband on my parents' living room couch, but if I were making out with him there, I'd be thoroughly creeped out if I looked up and saw my parents smiling down at us. Let's just move on, shall we?

Over in Buffalo, Mary and Ben are having a shallow, boring discussion about their future as a couple. Mary breaks it up by sidling over to Ben and slipping her arm around his shoulders. He asks if she's trying to seduce him. Don't be silly, Ben! In the CamVerse there is no such thing as seduction, just lots and lots of kissing. See, it's a microcosm of the real world, right? Sure enough, kissing is exactly what Mary wants, and that makes me happy enough if it means I'll get a brief respite from all that crappy dialogue. Once the kissing is out of the way, Mary wonders what Lucy and PBM are up to. She explains that Lucy can get "a tad intense" about guys she likes. I wonder if Lucy and Kevin are engaged already. So, what do you think Mary will find when she opens the front door to let Ben out? Yep, it's Lucy and PBM making out in the hallway. They're oblivious to everything else, and Mary eventually has to pull Lucy away from Kevin and into the apartment. Damn, that's annoying. Once the guys have left, Lucy enthuses about how Buffalo is such a "fun town." I'm something of a Buffalo apologist myself, but let's not go overboard, okay?

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