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The Crap Miner's Daughter

RevCam enters the Treehouse of Lurv without knocking (it's like he wants to walk in on his daughter having sex -- come to think of it, he probably does. And I don't want to think about it anymore) and sees Lucy sitting at the kitchen table. Way to be in class, there, little Miss I'msobusy. RevCam asks Lucy if she wouldn't mind giving this Sunday's sermon. Yeah, that should be a real thrill for those poor parishioners, especially if Lucy's pants fall down in mid-preach. Although they have no one to blame but themselves. They should all be at the Chapel of Renewed Faith, where the real action is. Lucy says she can handle it. But when RevCam leaves, she looks annoyed.

RevCam enters the backyard, only to find the state of Georgia, capitol: WHOREcity. She's there to bring Lucy some pamphlets for her class. "I think it's great that you're trying to stop the mass exodus of teens from your church," Georgia tells RevCam, "so, will there be a whole series, or just the one class that tells everyone not to have sex?" Preach it, Georgia! RevCam tells Georgia that she's welcome to attend the class and find out herself. Georgia says she might go with Simon, and asks where he is. RevCam tattles that Simon said that they broke up. Georgia laughs at this and says that RevCam must have misunderstood him. She leaves, her ugly poofy satin jacket billowing in the breeze. RevCam makes a constipated face as the Clarinets of Georgia is Really Awesome play us to commercial.

RevCam enters the house and starts bumping into things. Martin closes the surprisingly bare (up until last week, it was covered in layers of pictures and letter magnets) refrigerator door and asks what's up. RevCam says he just saw Ruthie driving around in a "convertible" with an unknown boy. Well, it certainly isn't Peter. Peter would probably wet himself if he saw a convertible, let alone drive one. Also, I'd like to point out that this show doesn't even have the budget to show Harry and Ruthie driving in said convertible. Pathetic. RevCam starts yelling at Martin for not keeping a good enough eye on Ruthie, like, be a little more understanding, RevCam. It takes time and practice to stalk as well as you.

Simon comes back in Dr. Gibson's office and says his last session didn't help him. Then he acts all paranoid and hyper, saying that his having sex doesn't have anything to do with the accident, which he doesn't think about anymore, thank you very much. Dr. Gibson says he has the rest of the afternoon free. Well, that's convenient. Not to mention unlike any doctor's office I've ever seen.

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