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The Tattle Tale Heart

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The Tattle Tale Heart

I think that Andie McDowell sucks. And I wish she would get her damn curly locks out of my face.

Back at Glenoak, where RevCam is not only sitting bedside, but also laying in the bed. Ooh, that's deep. The bedridden Eric tells the bedside Eric that "everything's gonna be just fine." Duh. Dr. Peterson comes in, and tells Eric that he had a minor heart attack, and that he's going to need to change his diet and his stressful habits. Enter SuperMom, THE COLONEL, and Ruth, and exit Dr. Peterson. THE COLONEL wants to know if it was he who caused the cardiac arrest, and Eric says that no one was at fault, but he didn't expect the positive reaction from his folks upon hearing about Julie's husband and baby. THE COLONEL goes on to explain that after six months of travel, and seeing people around the world deal with real problems, his daughter having a baby is hardly anything to get worked up about. In fact, he's quite pleased. He then goes on to tell Eric that he needs to "ease up a bit, son." I would just like to note that throughout THE COLONEL's speech, we keep seeing little snippets of Grandma Ruth making strange, almost clown-like faces as she glances back and forth between her husband and her son. Very odd indeed. Dr. Peterson re-enters and tells the folks that visiting hours are over. They take off, leaving Annie and Eric alone. Eric tells Annie not to blame herself, nor to let the children blame themselves. They exchange quite touching "I love you"s, and Annie leaves.

In the hallway, THE COLONEL and Grandma Ruth run into Rasta Man George, who tells them that he's worried because raising a teenager may be too much stress for people of their advanced age to take. THE COLONEL tells George that this is "balderdash, son. Adopting you has made us young again. You keep us vitally interested in everything that's going on in the world, you give us renewed strength, and you keep us on our toes." George: "Really?" Ruth: "Absolutely!" George: "Then how come you're letting me wear my hair like this? I look stupid!" Mr. Stupidhead: "You're darn tootin', George." THE COLONEL: "Everyone should have the freedom to look stupid, son. That's what America's all about!" Word, Grandpa. I gotta say, I think THE COLONEL kind of rocks.

Back to Casa Camden, where Matt is cleaning the barbecue grill and talking with his new roommate, John. Matt feels guilty about RevCam's myocardial infarction. Of course.

Inside, Lucy and Mary are each bottle-feeding a baby, and discussing how selfish they have been. Mary: "This time last night all we had to worry about how to get Matt out of the attic. Lucy: "Twenty-four hours ago storage space was all we had to worry about. Tell me again he's okay." Mary: "He's okay. Really. Mom said he'll be home in a day or two, and that worrying isn't going to do anything." They exchange a look, and for the last time this episode (thank God) they say (you guessed it, in unison): "Taking responsibility is." Ah, what wholesome children. Barf. At least it wasn't The Jeffersons again.Apparently, the Camden kids have decided to all sleep in the same room this evening. As they're setting up sleeping bags and pillows, SuperMom enters and asks, "What's going on?" to which the kids all respond, "How's Dad?" "Dad is fine. I'll prove it. Let's call him," and so she does. A recovering RevCam picks up the phone in the hospital, and answers, "Hi, Annie." Annie: "How'd you know?" RevCam: "Twenty years of marriage." Mr. Stupidhead: "Ugh." Annie: "The kids want to tell you something." All together now, with feeling: "We love you, Dad!" RevCam reciprocates his family's love, Annie tells him, "We'll see you tomorrow," and she hangs up the phone. Back at the hospital, RevCam looks up to the ceiling with puppy-dog eyes, and says to his version of God, "Thank you. Thank you very much...for tomorrow." And we fade to credits.

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