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Racism With a Side of Spying

Back at the shower, Oldie is asking Patricia for more punch. Patricia sits down and asks Oldie if she thinks Patricia works at the CamPound. Oldie says she just wanted to make a friend, and thought Patricia had a wonderful smile and seemed to know her way around the place. Oh, and just in case Patricia still thinks Oldie is a racist? Oldie totally married a black man back in the thirties, so suck on it! Oldie says she finds it very interesting that interracial marriages used to be illegal, but now it's illegal to stop them. Patricia, feeling slightly ashamed of herself, asks Oldie what she can get for her. Oldie says she'd like something that goes with cough syrup. Hinkle fills both Oldie and Patricia's cups with the stuff. Not Annie's, although, again, that would explain a lot about the twins.

Annie and Ruthie answer the door to reveal Bobby Tripp and his mom. Mother Tripp is pissed because Bobby told her that the Camdens have been threatening him. Annie says that if Bobby stops teasing Ruthie, things will end. Mother Tripp goes off on some ridiculous rant about how teasing is a part of life and Ruthie needs to get used to it, and maybe Ruthie shouldn't have been "flashing" the entire playground if she didn't want to get teased. Annie starts getting pissed and accuses Bobby of having a "problem" with underwear. More words are exchanged until Patricia comes up and slams the door in the Tripps' faces. Annie and Patricia turn around to see the awful church ladies watching the entire thing. Suddenly, Annie starts moaning and says she thinks she's going into labor. And I've suffered permanent aural and mental damage from having to listen to Annie's labor pains. The women take off, and it turns out that Annie was faking it to get them to leave. Hmm...I'd like to think that most people would stick around and try to help if someone went into labor next to them, but I guess it's different when Annie's the patient.

Nighttime at the CamPound. Matt closes the fridge door to reveal Simon and Ruthie glaring at him. Understandably scared out of his mind, Matt jumps back and prays that Ruthie doesn't kill him. She doesn't, because she needs Matt to make Bobby Tripp apologize to her. Simon and Ruthie explain that they tried to get Mary to do it, but she just got a date with Mark. Then there's a knock at the back door, and it's Bobby. The Camdens go outside to do battle, joined by Mary, who brightly says, "Bobby's here? Did Mark come, too?" Her delivery on that was pretty funny, I'll admit.

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