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Racism With a Side of Spying

The next morning, Ruthie is perched atop Mary's sleeping form. Mary won't get out of bed, which may have something to do with the fact that she's being straddled by a six-year-old, so Ruthie starts humming annoyingly until Mary sits up and asks Ruthie what she wants. Ruthie whispers in her ear. I wonder if Mary would be so quick to help Ruthie if she knew what the little brat was doing with her hair dryer.

Lucy's on the phone with Annie, pressing for details about the upcoming baby shower. Patricia's there, too, although she really isn't helping out so much as running smack into Annie's enormous belly while carrying glassware. I guess we can all blame Patricia for SamVid. Annie finally breaks it down and tells Lucy that if she can't take being all by herself for the weekend, someone will come to pick her up. Lucy gets all pissy and says she most certainly can take it, and then hangs up on Annie. Okay, why does Camp All By Myself have phones in the cabins? My camp's cabins didn't even have a door to our bathroom, let alone a phone next to our ramshackle bunk beds where we slept on mattresses filled with dead bugs.

Old Mrs. Hinkle (not to be confused with Mrs. Bink, Glenoak's other batty old neighbor) comes to the door and asks if she missed the baby shower games. RevCam informs her that she's actually two hours early for the shower; it starts at one, not eleven. Apparently, Mrs. Hinkle has some kind of double-vision problem and saw too many ones on the invitation. I believe that problem is more commonly referred to as "beer goggles." Way to party, Mrs. Hinkle. Now she's pissed because now she'll be forced to play baby shower games, which she hates. She hands a present off to RevCam and takes a seat in the living room, where John and his father, Reverend Hamilton, are talking to Matt. Hey, Mrs. Hinkle? I'm pretty sure etiquette dictates that if you arrive at an event two hours early, you're actually supposed to turn around and go back home, not stay there and piss everyone off. Mrs. Hinkle sees the men and is all upset that she wasn't informed that the shower was "co-ed," and says she would have brought a date if she knew, although I thought we had all ascertained by now that Mrs. Hinkle sucks at reading invitations, so it may very well have said that and she just didn't see it. She asks RevCam to get her a phone so she can call someone from her list of suitors. Is Mrs. Hinkle supposed to be senile? RevCam explains that the shower isn't co-ed; the guys are actually about to go out to lunch together. RevCam asks if he can get Mrs. Hinkle anything before he goes; she demands a television remote and some "mixed nuts." Oh, come on, Hinkle. You know RevCam doesn't have any nuts.

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