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Racism With a Side of Spying

RevCam and RevHam are seated at a table. RevHam is wishing he was somewhere else as RevCam confesses his fears about the twins. "What if the twins aren't as bright as the others?" he wonders, to the sound of my evil laughter because RevCam totally just jinxed the twins. Then he asks what will happen if the twins are "super-smart," and oh man, he just double-jinxed the twins with that. RevCam starts lying about how his existing children are smart, but not super-smart, until RevHam decides he's had enough and tells RevCam to chill out, because he's hungry and he doesn't want RevCam to scare the waiter away. Just then, a waiter places two dishes at the table. Matt and John sit down. RevHam tells RevCam and Matt, whose food has arrived, to go ahead and start without them, like RevCam wasn't totally about to do that anyway. RevHam tries to flag down the waiter, but is ignored. RevCam wonders if the waiter just forgot that RevHam and John ordered food. RevHam sadly says he doesn't think so. And while this ended up being the case, I thought RevHam was a little quick to jump to the racism conclusion. Although that is much more believable than RevCam's theory about the waiter forgetting that half of his table ordered food.

At the CamPound, the church ladies are searching through the CamKitchen as Simon and Ruthie make fun of Mary for flirting with Mark instead of fighting him. Mary says she's sorry, but she doesn't punch people who aren't "asking for it," although that still doesn't explain why Mary isn't punching Ruthie every second of the day. Mary looks over at the women and asks if they need help with something. Mrs. Poole explains that, as members of the church, they have the right to look through church property. The eldest Hamilton girl says that the members of her church do the same thing. The Cams and Hams take off out the back door.

Mrs. Poole walks into the living room, followed by her girls, and makes some snide remarks about "late-in-life pregnancies" as they pass Annie. I don't get it: if Mrs. Poole hates Annie, as she so obviously does, why is she going to all this trouble to throw a baby shower for her? I mean, yeah, it gives her an opportunity to look around the CamPound, but that's not really worth the money she'll have to spend on the food and gifts. Mrs. Hinkle consoles an angry Annie by saying that, on a recent church ladies' trip to Vegas, they made Tom Jones cry. Like that's hard to do. Last week, Tom Jones came up to me and he was all, "Hey, Sara, do you think I've gained weight?" And I was like, "Um...I guess. I don't really pay atten--" and before I could even finish my sentence, Tom just burst into tears. He is such a baby. Mrs. Hinkle pulls a bottle of cough syrup out of her purse and gulps it down. You'd think Annie would have learned her lesson about being judgmental after hanging out with the church ladies, but I guess not, since she accuses Mrs. Hinkle of ingesting cough syrup for reasons other than having a cough. Over in the corner, Oldie leans over and makes Patricia get her some more punch. Patricia gives her a weird look, but obliges. "She is so helpful," Oldie says to Annie, who covers her face. Annie needs to do that more often.

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