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Twelve Angry People

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Twelve Angry People

It looks like RevCam has been sulking by the window during the commercial break. One of the jurors, an older African-American guy, comes up to him and asks to tell him a story. When anyone on this show, even a tertiary character, says he or she is gonna tell a story, that's usually my chance to grab a little shut-eye, but I'll give this guy a chance. This guy's nephew sold some unspecified "drugs" but got caught. Because he did the selling on an army base, it was a federal offence, and the nephew got a fifteen-year sentence. At the same time, some Caucasian guys involved in Medicare fraud walked away from the courthouse after making only partial restitution. While this is a good story and I agree with the point that's being brought across, it's interesting that any story that ever gets told on this show feels slightly warped. It's almost as though it's been written by someone who normally writes propaganda. I'm somewhat surprised when the writer has RevCam put forth this fairly sophisticated concept: "The only thing I know for certain about how it feels to be black in America is that I'll never know how it feels to be black in America."

At the church, Dopey is wandering around in his boxers, driving us gals just wild with lust. Um, you know I'm kidding, right? He calls SuperMom to ask her if RevCam has any music other than the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band around the office. She asks if the quiet is getting to him; he says no. Scene over.

After a pointless discussion about tuna fish, Lucy tells Mary, "You owe me, and you owe me big." Mary says she can even the score by calling Andrew Nayloss and trying to get him to date Lucy. Lucy wisely declines that offer, but it doesn't stop Mary from suggesting that Lucy call Mary's loathsome ex, Robbie, to see how he's doing. Lucy refuses, citing as her reason, "Because I don't care what's going on with him and I don't care if he's okay." That makes at least two of us. Lucy requests that Mary bring her an iced tea, even though she insists that's not enough payment for the black eye.

As Mary's going downstairs, Ruthie waylays her and asks for her help. Mary's all prissy about Ruthie accepting the consequences of her actions, but Ruthie insists she's done nothing wrong and that she is just like Mary. She thinks she doesn't deserve to be punished, but "once you're labeled as the 'bad girl,' there's nothing you can do about it." Ew, I really hope that doesn't mean we'll be seeing the actress who plays Ruthie in Gear magazine a few years hence. Mary is complimenting Ruthie's "bad girl" theory when SuperMom walks in to ask if Ruthie's been thinking about what she did. If she were smart, Ruthie would just lie and say what SuperMom wants to hear.

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