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Twelve Angry People

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Twelve Angry People

RevCam is still battling jurors like some kind of superhero. Two jurors are saying that they live in the same neighbourhood as the defendant, and the police often bend the rules there. The Latino guy tells a story about his aunt being stopped by the police for "D.W.B.," which he says means "Driving While Brown." The license plate discrepancy that caused the cops to stop his aunt turned out to be a computer error, and this guy is pissed because the police made his aunt lie on hot asphalt for half an hour while they sorted out the error. RevCam says the police shouldn't have done that, but the angry guy won't be mollified. He tells RevCam that his aunt is a federal judge and that he himself has an MBA, "But I'll bet that the first time you saw me, you wondered, 'Does he have any gang connections?'" Actually, the first time I saw him, I didn't notice his skin colour, but I did wonder if he was a pimp, thanks to the plethora of tacky gold chains around his neck. Mr. Cate thought he was a club bouncer. While it's good of him to keep it real by purchasing his fashion accessories at the flea market, I have to recommend a serious makeover. I mean, if I showed up at work with my hair teased high and those feather roach-clip earrings in my ears and an acid-wash miniskirt, I think I could understand if people automatically assumed I was a major skank. RevCam points out that Angry Guy is being prejudiced himself, and adds, "If you're voting 'not guilty' because of the wrong that was done to your aunt, you're just as bad as the cops who harassed your aunt, don't you think?" Angry Guy responds, "No, I don't think so, and quite frankly, I find it offensive that you think so!" I sigh and think that it's not that hard to make RevCam look like a good guy when all the bad guys he ever faces are dumber than a box of rocks.

Lucy goes downstairs to RevCam's home office to call Andrew Nayloss's father in private. When she tells him who she is and that her sister may have phoned him earlier, he just says, "We're not interested in changing our long distance provider," and hangs up on her. Perplexed, Lucy dials again and tells Mr. Nayloss not to hang up. Then she launches into a very odd speech explaining away the things he allegedly told Mary earlier. She says, "You said that Andrew was happy with his new girlfriend, and that's because they didn't make out as much as we did, and that he's not ready to have sex." She goes on to say that she's not ready for sex either. Mr. Nayloss responds with, "Hey, that's enough of that sex talk, young lady," and he asks her which phone company she represents. When she finally establishes who she is and insists that she's not ready for sex, Mr. Nayloss asks what kind of "sick prank" this is and warns her and Mary to stay away from his son. Lucy hangs up the phone just as Mary walks in. She asks if Mary actually spoke to Mr. Nayloss, but Mary won't give her a straight answer. Lucy warns her that she will retaliate. "For what?" asks Mary. "I didn't do anything. Or maybe I did." Lucy chases her out of the office. All I can say is that Lucy and Mary do comedy way better than Dopey or Ruthie. I can't believe I'm saying it, but this scene has actually been funny.

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