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Twelve Angry People

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Twelve Angry People

SuperMom's getting off the phone with Sarah's mother. It sounds like everything's okay. She calls Dopey at the church, but he doesn't answer.

I imagine the reason Dopey hasn't answered the office phone is because he's still out in the church, playing "Chopsticks" on the church organ. It looks like maybe Barry Watson can handle this song, because I think those are actually his hands. Some surly guy comes into the church and says a neighbour called him because she heard the organ music. Dopey starts giving a bunch of nervous explanations for what he's doing there and why he's wearing the RevRobe. Finally he asks Surly Guy if anyone else needs to know about his church antics.

RevCam's still busy with his group brainwashing down at the courthouse. He gives a very condescending speech, asking the jurors what would happen if there were no police at all. One of the juror morons states his fear that sending the defendant to prison will only encourage him to become part of a gang. RevCam says, "You sympathize with the defendant because of his upbringing," and goes on to condescend some more about how the moron juror needs to realize that all actions have consequences. I love how the writers exploit the "bleeding-heart liberal" cliché and give the whole liberal coterie a collective IQ of about 85. Actually, I don't love it, but it's about what I've come to expect from this show. It does crack me up that RevCam converts another juror so quickly, though. Moron Juror goes up to the Angry Latino Guy and says, "Let's step up and do the right thing for the neighbourhood." Bam, two more converts. It looks like the big hold-out, however, is Crotchety Juror. I don't know why he's holding out. Maybe his hatred for RevCam outstrips his desire to catch the big basketball game. He says, "So, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, you think you're gonna change the American legal system? Well, you're not changing my vote." RevCam contemplates this challenge as the generic, crappy background music swells dramatically to let us know there's a commercial break coming up. Yay!

All too soon it's over, and we're back in the courthouse. One female juror argues that nothing can bring the dead cop back. RevCam is ready, and he deflects that with something about the victim's family. The same female juror and Crotchety Juror try to argue there's no way they can know the truth, and therefore, they don't care. RevCam says they are lying when they says they don't care. He puts on his pop-psychology dunce cap to declare that they are just afraid to think they can make a difference. Then he throws some guilt at them about letting a murderer go free. The woman asks if he thinks one person can make a difference. RevCam replies, "If I didn't think that, I couldn't get out of bed in the morning." [Insert your own Camden busybody joke here.] Well, hallelujah, all the jurors have been converted, except Crotchety Juror. RevCam works on him a little more and then suggests they take another vote. We cut away from the scene so as to build more suspense in the minds of the two viewers who didn't figure out the ending in the first ten minutes of the show.

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