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Li'l Orphan Annie

Later that night, RevCam comes into the living room, where Annie is looking through a family album. He asks how Lilly took the news of her father's death, which was delivered off-camera, because why show something potentially interesting and emotionally arresting when you can show two retarded people expressing their love for each other because one of the them gave the other a French fry. Lilly wasn't going to honeymoon until the summer, so she'll be able to go to Arizona and attend the funeral tomorrow. Tomorrow? Damn, that's fast. Although I guess not really, since, you know, the guy has been dead for ten months. Annie says she feels "like an orphan." That's good, because, technically, she is one. RevCam calls her "Ann," which was kind of touching, and says that she is "not alone." Yes -- she has her three kids who didn't bother to call or come back home for their grandfather's funeral, and a whole bunch of weirdos who aren't related to her but keep eating all her food. They start looking through the photo album, which was put together by Lilly when she "stole" those family pictures last week. Holy fucking shit -- Lilly took the photos to make an awesome present for Annie, and Annie spent the whole episode hating her for stealing them? That's actually really, really funny to me. Annie is an inexcusable bitch.

RevCam and Annie continue looking through the photo album until Ruthie, Peter, and SamVid come in to say good night. Is Peter going to go home? Probably not. SamVid unconvincingly say that they'll miss their grandfather, and Ruthie even more unconvincingly (if that's even possible) says that she will, too. Everyone gathers round to look at the photo album as Martin, Asslee, Lucy, and Kevin come in, bearing food. Annie asks them to stay and keep her company. SamVid notices a picture of young Annie next to a horse. She says that that's her at their age. "You were our age? Wow!" they say. Seriously, SamVid -- I find it hard to believe that Annie was ever my mother's current age (which I believe is older than Annie is supposed to be, although, in reality, Catherine Hicks is older than my mother. In any case, my mom looks a good ten years younger than Annie, and always has). Kevin tells Lucy that she has her grandfather's eyes. Lucy hugs her mother as Annie says that she does, and they're beautiful. Ruthie looks on, no doubt jealous because she doesn't share any of her parents' facial features, let alone her grandparents'.

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