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Li'l Orphan Annie

Annie says that she actually is upset about Lilly's wedding -- more specifically, that her dad is going to be in it. She doesn't think he's up to it, and wishes that Lilly had asked her instead of asking Ginger. Because Ginger, Annie's father's wife and main caretaker, totally knows less about her husband's condition than Annie, the semi-frequent weekend visitor. Anyway, Annie has a "bad feeling" about this. She lumbers back upstairs, and the phone rings. It's Ginger. "How are you?" Eric asks. "Oh, pretty well," says Ginger, "considering that my husband has been dead since last April and it's only now being acknowledged." She may not have said that last part. Also, the Cheesy Split-Screen is back in full effect. How I long for the masterful director's touch of Aunt Julie, who eliminated this particular device from her episode. RevCam asks about Charles. "He's having a good week!" says Ginger. "Now that the butyric fermentation process has pretty much ended, it's dry decay from here on out." She may not have said that last part. But she should have. Or maybe not, actually. In fact, I'd like to apologize for saying it myself. Anyway, Charles is happy about the wedding, and that he'll be involved. Ginger doesn't understand what Annie's deal is, but she can't not bring Charles to the wedding because "that would be wrong." True. Ginger thinks that Charles would be very upset if he knew that Annie didn't want him to be in the wedding. "So, we're coming," says Ginger, flying off the screen even though the two-way phone conversation is not yet over. I guess the special effects department ran out of money after blowing their budget on those side-wipes. RevCam wishes them a good trip, and Ginger tells him to take care of Annie. "I'd rather take care of the senile old guy," RevCam doesn't say.

Hey, guess what? Annie was listening in from behind the staircase the whole time, and something about it has upset her. I can't imagine what it is, though, as you'd think the fact that her father is having a good week would make her happy. You'd think.

RevCam answers a ringing doorbell. It's Chandler, and he's here to help RevCam like RevCam helped him with Mrs. Bink and Pat and Jimmy. "Just use me!" Chandler says. "There is something you can do for me," RevCam says. After seeing the way RevCam was looking at Chandler's ass forty minutes ago, I don't think this is going to end well.

Chandler walks into Annie bedroom, where she's compulsively folding and re-folding sheets. She figures out right quickly that Chandler was sent by Eric to talk to her. Annie says she doesn't need to talk, then proceeds to talk about the bad feeling she has, "the feeling deep in your gut that something bad is going to happen." It's not about her problems with Lilly; actually, she's cool with Lilly now, saying that, since last week's resolution of their one-sided conflict, she's grown to love her sister and wants her to be married and whatever. She just thinks that this will be too stressful for their father. And in case you didn't know, she has a bad feeling. But she doesn't need to talk about it. But she still will, for about two more minutes.

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