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This episode begins with everyone all up in Robbie's business. The CamBrats overhear his phone conversation and learn that he has a date for Valentine's Day evening. Robbie resists their attempts to find out who his mystery date is. He runs off in a mild huff, and the whole Camden family makes a cult-ritual pact to find out the details of his personal life.

Robbie runs into the garage to escape from the prying eyes of the Camdens. He hides in the back of the electric van. Matt is hot on his heels, though. "I was looking for you," he says. "Oh, you were? What's up?" asks Robbie. The young men confess to each other their reluctance to be alone on Valentine's Day. Matt suggests that Robbie's date fix up Matt with a friend of hers so that they can all double date. Robbie chuckles uncomfortably at Matt's false friendship.

On the phone, Simon asks Deena if he can double date with her, since she's temporarily in town and all. Deena agrees. Ruthie runs into the kitchen in one of those ugly crocheted head scarves. She rudely takes the phone from Simon, who insults her and leaves. She calls Burt, the little boy she humiliated earlier this season. He asks who she is and she says, "Duh! The love of your life!" Burt is too young and naïve to hang up on her, and he accepts her offer to pick him up for Valentine's Day. She says they'll attend the twins' birthday party and then have the rest of the evening to themselves. Burt is inexplicably enthusiastic about this.

RevCam and Annie put the twins into their cribs, then share curiosity about Robbie's romantic life. Annie apparently plans to invite Robbie and his date to the twins' party. RevCam doubts they'll want to show up. The phone rings and RevCam answers. "Hang up!" Lucy yells at him from the other extension. Like Rodney Dangerfield, RevCam gets no respect.

On the phone is Jeremy, Lucy's newest flame. He's telling her that he doesn't want to double date with Robbie, since it's their first date. He lets us all know that he's taking Lucy to a restaurant that requires coat and tie, and that he has a surprise for her. Gee, it's nice that Lucy's taking some time to be alone for a while after her long string of failed relationships. Oh, except that she's not. Oh, well. Work it while you're young, Lucy. The phone rings again. It's Mary, calling for Robbie. Lucy starts to carry the phone to him, but Matt walks into the hall and starts bragging about his clever plan to double date with Robbie. Simon's in the hall, too, now. He says he was planning to double date with Robbie. Oh, but no…Ruthie and Burt are going to double date with Robbie. StuporMom overhears this and joins the fray. She's excited about the prospect of finding out whom Robbie's dating. They go on and on about it, and then Annie changes the subject to the twins' party. No one cares. Finally, Robbie comes into the hall and doesn't give any information at all. He and the Camden boys leave. "Is someone on that phone?" Annie asks Lucy. "D'oh!" thinks Lucy as she puts the phone back to her ear in time to hear Mary bellow, "Robbie is going out with someone?!?" Lucy groans us comically into the commercial break. Gotta love those madcap Camdens!

Up in her room, Lucy bitches to Ruthie that every last dress she owns is hideous. She doesn't have anything special to wear for her big date with Jeremy! Sob! Trying to be precocious, Ruthie says that all she needs to feel special is a clean pair of underwear. StuporMom, meanwhile, sneaks into the room with a surprise dress for Lucy. It's a red satin number that looks a lot like the one Lucy wore to the dance with Mike a few weeks ago. StuporMom makes a big production of how she went over the budget and cleared the dress purchase with the RevCam, like the good Stepford Wife she is. "It's so perfect!" Lucy gasps with glee. Ruthie says something uncute about underwear again, and leaves. Lucy is pleased because when it comes to Jeremy, she "like[s] him like [she] [hasn't] liked any other guy that [she's] ever gone out with." "I know. Hence the new dress," says Annie. The hell? Didn't Lucy just meet this guy? What does she do -- just sniff their pheromones and then run out to brand their initials on her hindquarters?

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