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At the door, suave-ass Jeremy kisses Lucy's cheek. He gives flowers to Annie and candy to RevCam. Then he gives them assurances and his cell-phone number. They are, of course, impressed as hell. Annie can't get Robbie out of her mind, though. She and RevCam let on that they share the same suspicion about Robbie's date. They don't say her name, but I figure that they're talking about the bad, bad girl with whom Robbie was living. I can't remember her name, though. I only remember the faux leopard skin. Poor Robbie.

At the supposedly swanky restaurant, Jeremy offers to order for Lucy. I don't think they're supposed to be at the Gypsy Whatever Italian place. It sort of looks like the pizza parlor, but with different tablecloths. Jeremy looks at the menu, gulps, and asks Lucy if a bowl of soup would be enough. Lucy replies graciously and Jeremy says, "I'm joking. I think I can do a little better than that." The waiter walks up and Jeremy asks him what he recommends for teenagers on a limited budget. What the? How tacky is Jeremy? Isn't that a question he should have asked on the phone before taking Lucy to the restaurant? Geez. The waiter suggests two salads and one Chicken Marsala to split, then writes down an estimate and shows it to Jeremy. Lucy goes along with all this crap. "My dad's philosophy is order cheap and tip big. That way you can come back as often as you'd like," says Cheap-N-Proud Jeremy. He adds that his dad used to be a waiter, but is now a musician. I sense a PSA episode on poverty coming up some Monday in the near future. Lucy recognizes two guys across the restaurant. Before she can explain anything to Jeremy, the guys strut on over and introduce themselves. Why, it's Jimmy Moon and Rod! They seat themselves and friendlily announce their former-boyfriend status. Lucy hints for them to hit the road and, after smarmily congratulating Jeremy on his good fortune, they take that hint. Lucy apologizes, but Jeremy says that he wouldn't let anyone spoil their special night. Aw! How overdramatic for a first date! That's so cute!

Robbie taps his toes apprehensively at a park bench on the Promenade. The oboe feels sorry for him. Suddenly I'm craving French onion soup.

At their Non-Swingin', Japan-Patronizin' Engagement Pad, Priscilla starts to tell John some deep, dark secret. Matt knocks on the door before she can cut to the chase, though. John closes the door in his face, Priscilla opens it again, and Matt gives them both some birthday cake. Priscilla does the good hostess routine while John simmers. He's probably afraid that Matt will scratch Priscilla's eyes out.

Robbie makes a call at the Promenade pay phone. No one answers. Poor robotic Robbie!

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