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The three losers -- Matt, Simon, and Ruthie -- sit in the kitchen, picking at the last of the cake. Suddenly, a black horse opens the top of the kitchen door with its nose, just like Mr. Ed used to do. "Cool!" says Ruthie. Burt walks in wearing a suit and carrying a riding helmet. It turns out that he just pretended to be sick in order to buy time to set up this special surprise for Ruthie. The horse is from his uncle's stable and blah blah blah. Ruthie doesn't even thank Burt -- she just wants to ride the horse. Poor Burt. He deserves someone who will love him as much as I love the lead singer of Pavement. He and Ruthie leave, and then Deena comes in. She missed being friends with Simon. He takes her out back to talk, leaving Matt alone. Robbie comes in and says, "You know that Ruthie and some kid in a suit are riding a horse down the street?" "Shut up and kiss me," says Matt in reply. Just kidding. Matt asks whom Robbie went out with, and then guesses that it was Cheryl. Robbie confesses that he's hopelessly in love with Mary. "Good," says Matt, as if he's not totally jealous. Robbie gives Matt Cheryl's friend's number. Matt dials the phone like a desperate dog. He starts to leave Cheryl's friend a message, but then she picks up the phone. Matt is smug.

RevCam leads a blindfolded Annie into the living room. Ew. Leave that stuff upstairs, people. The twins are on the couch. Eric's big surprise is some old home movies of Annie's dead mother babysitting the twins. Annie is touched. I'm still hungry. Is the show almost over?

Matt leaves to meet Cheryl's friend. Robbie calls Mary. She answers in pajamas and a blanket with a cup of soup on her knee. "Just listen," Robbie tells her. "I went out with Cheryl tonight because I was upset you might be interested in somebody else. But I don't love Cheryl. I love you. I'm gonna commit my life to being a man worthy of being loved by you. Happy Valentine's Day." He hangs up on her, and Mary smiles. I guess it's a good thing she didn't want to express an opinion or anything.

On the sidewalk, Lucy tells Jeremy that she can't walk another step. It's probably because her new platforms from Frederick's aren't yet broken in. She doesn't have to walk any farther, however, because they've reached Flicks. The marquee says, "VALENTINE'S/STARRING LUCY CAMDEN." Jeremy's surprise is that his dad the musician is rehearsing at Flicks, and he said Lucy could use the stage. "To do what?" Lucy asks. "To sing," Jeremy says. Lucy smiles and says, "No way!" How bizarre. That would be a perfect gift for me, because any guy dating me would know that I like to sing. Does Lucy ever sing, though? I wonder if Beverley Mitchell has a CD deal in the works.

Robbie walks in on the CamRents and the twins at their sappy-video viewing. He tells them about his date and his phone call and says that the best things in life are worth waiting for. I don't get it. Who's he talking about? I thought he was on the phone with Mary…he runs upstairs. Annie cries as we're forced to see, on the TV prop, the actress playing her mother sing, "When I fall in love, it will be forever," to the twins.

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