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Then we see Lucy singing the same song to Jeremy in front of a jazz band on the stage in Flicks. Her voice isn't bad for a teenager's, but it's nothing to rent Flicks for, either. As she sings, we see the CamRents kiss up in their bedroom. Then we see John and Priscilla kiss before retiring to separate futons. Then Simon and Deena hug. Then Matt is smiling and looking into the distance on a park bench. The camera pulls back and we see what looks like a forty-year-old drag queen sitting next to him. The two of them look uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Robbie lies on the Hello Kitty pillows in the dark with his cheekbones gleaming. Ruthie shakes Burt's hand and then kisses his horse on the nose. Lucy sings to the empty theater, or maybe to me, while Jeremy sits by his father at the keyboard behind Lucy and whispers, "She's the one." Dude -- that's a pretty creepy way to end Valentine's Day.

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