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Oh, for the love of God, can't it end already? Annie's sulking in bed when RevCam comes in to tell her he will be counseling Serena, but in a therapy group for single women. Isn't Annie afraid that all those predatory single females will want to have a big orgy with Revvy? SuperMom bitchily stands by her opinion that Serena will try to get it on with Eric.

At the hospital, Dopey runs into Robbie, who's standing alone in a hallway. Both dorks claim they are there to see John. Robbie admits that he's -- holy Camden! -- lying when Heather comes over with John. He explains that he was helping Heather study when she felt sick and had to come to the hospital. This is all explained guiltily, for reasons I can't exactly figure out. Dopey starts to puff up like an angry peacock as he self-righteously tells Robbie that he should have been informed about the class-sharing. Everyone stands around uncomfortably in what would be a pretty good dramatic scene if the entire premise weren't so ridiculous. Dopey stalks off. If there's any justice in this world, he'll be hit by a bus as soon as he walks out of the hospital.

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