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Robbie comes in and asks Lucy why Matt is being so nice to him. Lucy dorkily suggests that Dopey is getting to know and like Robbie and, consequently, is treating him "like he would treat anyone else." Robbie, unlike the biological Camdens, was born with at least a partial understanding of the rudiments of human behaviour, leading him to doubt Lucy's pathetic assessment of Dopey and his motives. Robbie asks Lucy out for a game of pool, but she refuses, citing homework. She makes a face as she says it, but we all know that secretly she's really excited to be the only high-school senior in North America who still agonizes over her homework six weeks before graduation.

The phone rings, and Annie answers to find Serena on the line. Annie is minimally polite. Serena wants to talk to Eric who, coincidentally, just walked in the door. Annie puts on a plastic smile and passes the phone to Eric, telling him it's his "girlfriend, the funny one." Annie, just covering up the phone with your hand doesn't really work, you know. Oftentimes people still hear what you're saying. While Eric chats with Serena, Annie empties the fast food bag he's carrying into the sink and turns on the garbage disposal. She's got some weird facial tic going on as she does this. Why is there never any middle ground on this show? Any time someone is mad, either they do something completely ineffectual, like issue a lame putdown, or they crank up their behaviour until it's freaky-ass scary, like just about anything Annie says or does these days. Where's the stuff that normal people would do? Eric watches Annie stalk down the hall. He tells Serena, "We need to talk."

Over at Ruthie's school, we see Ruthie running up to Julia, the lunchless girl from a few episodes ago. We're supposed to tell that she's snobby because she walks like she has a yardstick up her ass. Ruthie invites her chez Camden. Julia is rude and scornful. Jeez, I wouldn't go to the Camden house either, but at least I'd be polite about refusing. Julia asks why Ruthie wants to be friends with her specifically and says she hopes Ruthie won't embarrass her about the fact that her mother was out of work before. What a strange thing to say. Julia elaborates by explaining that Ruthie knows too much about her now and might tell her other friends that Julia was "temporarily poor." Ruthie promises not to divulge the secret, but Julia says she can't "take that chance." Ruthie's behaving pretty commendably here. But that won't stop me from laughing at her.

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