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I’d like to thank Daniel for subbing for me while I was out of the country, blissfully unaware of what was going on in the Camdens' lives. But I must also categorically deny Daniel's allegations that his decision to sub for me was made under any sort of duress. Here's what really happened: I was all set to do last week's recap, but then Daniel came up and started begging me for another chance to recap Ruthie and the gang. And I said no, and then he pulled a blackjack out of his back pocket and the next thing I knew I was stuck in a crate, being shipped off to Latvia, and there was a note taped to my forehead that I pulled off and read in the dim, yet sufficient, lighting of the plane's cargo bay, and it said, "I'm sorry to do this to you, but I just need to see Ruthie. I hope you understand. Daniel." And I just want to tell Daniel that he needs to seek help for his problem.

The twins pledge their allegiance to the Zombie Union of Podpeople. Incidentally, the ZUoP flag looks a lot like the American flag. The Pledge of Allegiance sounds a lot like America's, too, except they say "invisible liberty" instead of "indivisible with liberty." RevCam, who has been spying on the twins from the corner of the bedroom (normally, not such a good hiding place. But then, this is the twins we're talking about), rushes over to correct them. As he explains the meaning of the word "indivisible," SamVid point out that that's not exactly a fitting adjective, since the country is currently divided over the upcoming elections. There are those who want "that stupid man" to be president, and those who want "that other stupid man" to be president. RevCam sighs and asks the twins if they've been talking to Martin. SamVid say they've been getting their information from the TV, where the election news has been interrupting their cartoons. This sets RevCam off on a lecture about how the two men running for president are not stupid, and we shouldn't call anyone stupid, and we should all respect the current president and the man who's running against him (apparently, one way we can do this is by not mentioning their actual names) and then RevCam's speech turns into a series of overlapping "blahs." I didn't think anything of this, as this is what I usually hear in my head when RevCam is talking, but then my mom started cracking up and I realized that they had actually written this into the show. Like, the writers just said, "You know what? I can't think of anything to write, and everything I do write is pointless boring crap anyway, so I'm just going to make my apathy and lack of talent into a plot device!" Which is all sorts of pathetic, but I thought it was hilarious and a welcome respite from RevCam usual stuttering pamphlet-read of a lecture, so I'll let it pass.

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