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The next morning, RevCam's clearing away the breakfast stuff. SamVid come downstairs in their bathrobes and say that they voted, and they're not going to school. RevCam orders them to get dressed for school. They do. I'll bet they'll put on some twee matching outfits, which is just ridiculous at this point since those two are very obviously not identical twins, and one would have to put a lot of effort into getting them matching outfits, since they wear two different sizes.

Ruthie comes downstairs and asks her father when he's going nag her about her homework. RevCam says he won't. Ruthie is confused, and wonders if her dad is having another heart attack. That's an idea, writers.

Martin comes downstairs, and Ruthie volunteers her father to drive her to school. RevCam says that Martin will be bringing Ruthie to school this morning and they're going resolve their differences. He leaves. Martin and Ruthie admire RevCam's shiny new pair of balls, then make up. Martin says he's just really excited about the upcoming election and can't help getting in everyone's face about it. Martin says that he might want to be a politician someday because he loves politics. Ruthie says that she's going to get more involved, because in four years, she'll be allowed to vote herself. Martin says that Ruthie will probably be running for office in four years, which is a little off, since we all know that Ruthie's plan for World Domination dictates that she will gain power through hostile takeovers, not the democratic process. Ruthie says she might run for sophomore class president in the spring. Martin says he'd be happy to help her if she wants. Martin needs to get his own life.

Carlos and Matt just happen to meet up at the vote-registering place. That's not too far-fetched; I'm sure people run into acquaintances all the time in one of the biggest cities in the world. It turns out that both Carlos and Matt are registering to vote after getting calls from RevCam and getting yelled at by their wives to do it. Carlos says he's never voted because he finds the process "intimidating." He thinks it's an "awesome responsibility" to choose a president, so he's just going to vote for whoever his wife is voting for, since he owes her that much for having his baby. Hmmm…I like Carlos a lot more when he isn't talking. Matt asks Carlos out to lunch at the hospital so they can talk about this reversal of the Camden gender-role norms. Carlos's cell phone rings, and it's Invisible Mary. When Carlos tells her that he ran into Matt, Mary asks to speak with him. Matt assumes that Mary will tell him who he should vote for, so he hangs up in her face.

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