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Kevin and Lucy are now registered. Lucy's celebrating by wearing a hot pink long-sleeve shirt with a weird V-neck black camisole thing over it that is decorated with little white flowers. Someone who wears an outfit that awful is obviously incapable of making any kind of informed decision, and should not be allowed to vote at all. Lucy wants Kevin to vote for the same person she is since she's having his baby, and that line of reasoning didn't make sense in the last scene and it still doesn't make sense now. Kevin says he's just going to vote for whoever's the cutest. That's probably Lucy's criteria for who she's going to vote for, too. Lucy is so stupid that she actually becomes alarmed and has to ask Kevin if he's kidding. He says he is, and he's not going to tell her who he's voting for. Then he gives her a peck on the forehead.

Annie is making the bed and watching the television. RevCam comes in, and Annie compliments his order-issuing abilities. RevCam notices that Annie is watching the television I never knew they had in the CamBoudoir and asks her if she's following the election because she's still undecided. Annie says she's pretty sure who she's voting for. At that point, a political ad comes on television for an anonymous candidate whose face we don't see and whose name isn't mentioned. What effective advertising! When the ad starts talking about bad the nameless candidate's opponent is, it starts going blah blah blah. Wow, an episode of set-up for a pretty crappy pay-off. Especially since the entire hour was littered with the mudslinging political ads this episode is supposed to be against.

Ruthie shows the paper she was working on last night -- which has now been graded and handed back -- to Martin. Some kids walk up and ask Martin if he wants to lecture them about the election. Martin says that this time, Ruthie will do the lecturing. Ruthie stands up and says that she just wrote a paper on how the world would be a better place if children had the right to vote. Kids wouldn't go hungry or be discriminated against. Right, because kids are usually so forgiving of someone who's different from them. Everyone from the earlier scene, and a few other extras, listen to Ruthie. The African-American guy is wearing a hot pink shirt. That's bold. Ruthie says that while kids don't have the right to vote, they can make sure that the people they know who are registered to vote actually do vote.

And now all the kids address the camera and say "vote for me." SamVid, Ruthie, and Martin follow suit. And Lucy, Kevin, Carlos, Matt, Annie, and RevCam order us to vote.

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