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Immediately afterwards, the kids have instantly cleared and Martin is peeved at Ruthie for not adding her own opinion to the debate. Ruthie says she just didn't feel like offering it. If she had, however, it certainly would have been something about the situation in Latin America.

Kevin comes home and tells Lucy that he put gas in her car. He is rewarded with a chaste kiss on the lips. The honeymoon just never stops with those two. Lucy says she's on her way to a "political debate" about women's issues. Kevin asks her how she's planning to use the information she'll gain from the debate, since, he says with a big old smirk on his face, he knows that she isn't registered to vote. Lucy claims that she registered this morning, but gets caught in a lie when she can't tell Kevin where she went to register. Because she's that dumb. Kevin asks Lucy about her political leanings, since they've never discussed politics before. Lucy says that now is not a good time to start, and takes off. Actually, since the election is coming up, it's a great time to start, but go on living in your World of Stupid, Lucy.

The twins put their clean clothes away by tossing the entire pile into one single drawer and then wondering why it won't close. They accuse each other of being stupid. That's like the mouse accusing the rat of being a rodent, isn't it?

Ruthie sulks up to Annie, who tells her that her laundry is done and ready to be put away. Ruthie says she'll do it later, which earns her a lecture from Annie about how Ruthie has responsibilities in their house, which apparently don't include doing her own laundry. As she's speaking, she goes into blah blah blah mode again, then asks Ruthie what's wrong. Ruthie says she was humiliated at school today because her interest in boys has "overshadowed [her] interest in just about everything else in this world." I don't know if Annie's the right person to be talking to about this, since her interest in making cookies has overshadowed her interest in everything else in this world. Plus, isn't it a good thing in CamLand to be an ignorant woman who leaves the important decisions to the nearest wise patriarch? Annie tells Ruthie that she's still young enough to learn things and form her own opinions and whatever. Ruthie replies that maybe in the "olden days" people could spend their childhood and teenage years being ignorant about politics, but today's fast-moving youth need to keep informed about current events so that they don't get yelled at by Martin. Annie says that Martin has been getting closer to "exploding" as the election draws near. And, you know, after writing off other characters by having them go on an endless summer vacation, move to a duplex, leave town after running over a child, and just plain disappear, having Martin's ouster explained by him exploding would almost make sense. And I hope it happens soon. Ruthie declares that she is "giving up on boys and getting on the internet." If that isn't the start of a career in online lesbian porn, then I don't know what is. Ruthie laments that they still don't have the internet in the CamPound, which isn't true, since I had to recap the episode where RevCam and Annie used their home's internet connection to engage in some G-rated cybersex and it will forever be burned into my mind. Annie suggests that Ruthie listen to NPR. Ruthie leaves.

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