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Kevin leaves the drug store with a suspicious plain brown paper bag. Oh, Kevin. It's a little too late for over-the-counter morning-after pills. He sees Lucy and asks her how the "political debate" went. She says it was fine, and now she's getting some food. Kevin points out that she can register to vote right on the Promenade. Lucy says that she already registered, and calls Kevin annoying. Somehow, this reveals to Kevin that she did not, in fact, register, and Kevin admits that he isn't registered either. He smirks as Lucy gets mad at Kevin for nagging her all that time. "You should be ashamed of yourself," says Lucy. "Why, because you're ashamed of yourself?" asks Kevin the Patronizing Butthole. But Lucy should be ashamed of herself for trying to pit their daughter and Lucy against Kevin, as if A. their daughter is a sentient being, B. their daughter has the ability to express her opinion, and C. even if she could formulate an opinion and express it, it's wrong to make your child choose sides in an argument between parents. But I guess this is good practice for the inevitable divorce arguments that are sure to follow in about two years' time. Lucy says that she isn't ashamed of herself for not registering because she hasn't had time, because she's, you know, a wife and a student and an associate pastor and a future mother and whatever else she says every single episode. Kevin says that he has a lot of stuff to do, too. Lucy fires back that Kevin called both Lucy and their daughter "stupid" for not registering to vote, and that they think that Kevin is "just as stupid." Whatever.

Happy watches Ruthie do her homework. Martin comes in and volunteers to help her. Ruthie asks Martin what makes him think she needs help. Martin replies that her homework is about the election and she has no opinions. Ruthie says she was just listening to NPR, as a matter of fact, so she now has lots of opinions, like about how Garrison Keillor is a genius. Therefore, she doesn't need Martin as her political advisor, especially because he lacks the ability to see both sides of an issue. Martin says he can see both sides of any issue, "the right side and the wrong side." Ruthie says that sometimes things aren't that black and white. For instance, sometimes things claim to be white, but are really Mexican. Martin implies that Ruthie is stupid because he reads the newspaper every day and she doesn't and "stupid is as stupid does." I guess Tyler Hoechlin's quoting lines from Tom Hanks movies to help him remember when he used to be in projects with actual quality. Ruthie says that Martin must be stupid to call her stupid. I'm just glad this show is finally admitting what we've all known for years: that everyone is stupid.

RevCam calls a number and gets Carlos and Mary's answering machine. "Hi honey, it's your dad," he says, and then there's about five silent seconds before Carlos, holding the new baby, picks up. Carlos is surprised that RevCam is calling, since he so "rarely" does. What a great father RevCam is! Carlos explains that Mary's not in because she's trying to have a real acting career and that does not include appearing on this show. Also, she's at a "political rally," but Carlos is not allowed to tell RevCam which candidate it's for. RevCam assumes that Mary is campaigning for the person that he isn't, but he says that isn't important. What is important is that everyone is registered to vote in the upcoming election. He says some more stuff, but at this point, Carlos put the phone down and starts saying "blah blah blah" to his baby, complete with mouth-imitating hand gestures. Lucy comes in the house and announces that she and Annie are going out for dinner. Carlos hears this and makes fun of RevCam for not having dinner "at this hour." RevCam blames the election for his hunger. He says he has to go, but asks Carlos to give his love to Mary and the baby and reminds him, once again, to register to vote. Carlos hangs up the phone and asks Charles why parents are so difficult to listen to. In the case of RevCam, it might be because they're nagging blowhards. Charles makes cute noises and puts his hand in Carlos's mouth. Aw!

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