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Martin comes downstairs and says he's going out for dinner. RevCam asks him to get something for everyone. Martin says that he would, but since Ruthie called him stupid, he won't. Apparently, Martin has forgotten that he was the one who started the name-calling. Maybe it's because his dad is a marine in Iraq.

Vid comes downstairs with an empty dinner plate and says he doesn't know where Sam is. Sam comes downstairs, also with a plate, and Vid leaves. Sam says that Annie made him a sandwich, but he doesn't know "anything" about Vid or his dinner. Wow, this Sam vs. Vid plot is thrilling.

Ruthie comes downstairs, also holding an empty dinner plate. Apparently, Annie made dinner for everyone except RevCam (because she's mad at him) and Martin (because she knew she wouldn't have been able to ask him if he wanted a ham or a turkey sandwich without him lecturing her on the importance of democracy and freedom in America). Ruthie tells RevCam about how Martin accused her of being ignorant, and asks him to give Martin a "long and serious sermon." Shut up, tattletale.

Kevin comes in the house, refusing RevCam's offer of a sandwich because he's not hungry because he's just had a fight with Lucy and it's their first fight since she got pregnant. RevCam says that when Annie was pregnant, they fought all the time because women are insane and the blah blah blahs come back. And I know a lot of people said that the blah blah blah device got real old, real fast, but I still find it hilarious, as well as a real recapping time-saver. I wish they had done it more. Like every time Lucy spoke.

Speaking of the pumpkin-faced devil, Lucy and Annie are enjoying the very best cuisine that the Promenade has to offer. I think it's chicken fingers served with a variety of exciting dipping sauces. Lucy talks about her fight with Kevin, saying that she was ashamed of not having registered to vote and took it out on Kevin. And then she was "too upset" after her fight with Kevin to register, so she still hasn't registered. Is it really so difficult to register that one must be in a happy frame of mind to do so? When I registered, the process was so quick and painless that I don't even remember doing it. Although this is Lucy, the girl who could barely handle jury duty, that we're talking about. Because Annie has absolutely no control over what comes out of her mouth, she slips up, and Lucy realizes that Annie knew that Kevin hadn't registered, and now Lucy's mad that no one told her. Then she figures out that Annie told RevCam that Lucy wasn't registered either, which makes her even angrier. "Politics makes people say stupid things to each other," says Annie, as if this were an excuse for breaking her daughter's trust, even if it was a stupid secret to begin with. Lucy agrees that Annie said some stupid things, which Annie takes offense at, and then they're both sulking.

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