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RevCam is still talking to Kevin, this time about Annie being pregnant with Matt when Reagan was running against Carter. And that's all we hear before the blah blah blahs set in. RevCam realizes that Kevin isn't paying attention to him and scolds him for it, and Kevin asks if RevCam mentioned to anyone that he wasn't registered to vote. Why does that even matter now that he's told Lucy about it? RevCam admits that it slipped out, and that politics make people say stupid things. As do bad writers, BRENDA. "Yeah, stupid…thanks for the sandwich," Kevin says, and takes off without even volunteering to clean his dish. That's pretty fucking rude, to enter someone's house without knocking, get some free food from him, very obviously not listen to what he's saying, and then leave without even cleaning up after yourself, but RevCam pretty much deserves it.

According to the 7th Heaven Property of Physics, now that Kevin has left the room, Martin can enter. He asks RevCam why he looks upset. Why does Martin care? I thought he was all mad at RevCam because Ruthie called him stupid or something. RevCam says that elections cause problems. I'm starting to think that the moral of this episode is that stupid people like the Camdens shouldn't be allowed to vote. RevCam starts to lecture Martin about talking about politics in the house, but Martin interrupts him, begging him to just tell him what he's supposed to do. And while it's always nice to see someone yelling at RevCam, I'm pretty sure RevCam told Martin what he wanted him to do at the beginning of this episode, except that Martin wasn't listening. The phone rings, and Martin leaves, disgusted.

On the phone is some random guy. It's Simon's roommate, who's "call returning," and apparently that includes returning calls that weren't meant for you. Roommate says that Simon is at the library, which RevCam doubts. Roommate won't reveal anything, and won't be fooled by RevCam. RevCam asks him to leave Simon a message about registering to vote because he only has a week left to do it. "Is that for him or everybody?" Roommate asks, which gives RevCam the perfect opportunity to tell him that it's for everybody in America, which, as some forum posters have pointed out, isn't true. Although I like Roommate's implication that there are special extended registration deadlines for Simon. Maybe in Glenoak, there's a clause that allows one to register late if one runs over a druggie child. Now RevCam wants to know if Roommate is registered to vote. Roommate doesn't want to get lectured, so he just says he'll tell Simon to call RevCam back. "Bye, Moddy," says RevCam. "Moddy"? Apparently Brenda's lost both her book of 1953's most popular baby names and her atlas and is now just naming people by picking random letters and stringing them together. Be sure to tune in next week, when Martin's middle name is revealed to be "Xlcicixxlxiclxix."

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