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Kevin comes back in the house to -- oh my god, nothing ever happens on this show. It's all people talking to each other or sermonizing to the audience and they can't even get that right. At least in earlier seasons, you'd have Mary playing basketball or RevCam getting shot or more than two characters involved in a scene at the same time. Now this show is just painfully boring and it's obvious that its only purpose is to fill an hour for the WB, which I think is just waiting for one of its other shows to beat 7th Heaven in the ratings so they can sell this crap off to PAX. Anyway, the scene ends with RevCam admitting that he didn't vote in the last election and whining that he's ashamed of himself and he's never missed an election day before.

The phone rings. It's Matt, and he's just gotten home after working an eighteen-hour shift during which he fatally misdiagnosed only eleven patients, down from yesterday's seventeen. He's returning RevCam's call, but he knows what RevCam was calling about. He says that he and PC are already registered to vote, but he's not telling his dad who they're voting for. Maybe they're voting for Bush, since one of the only things they ever agreed on or really even talked about before they got married was that they liked him. RevCam starts talking, so Matt promptly falls asleep, snoring loudly, yet still managing to hold the phone up to his ear. RevCam continues to talk to Matt, even though he hears the snoring, then hangs up. Kevin laughs at RevCam, saying he heard Matt snoring through the phone. RevCam reiterates that he's really ashamed of himself for not voting, then figures out that Kevin told Lucy that he thought RevCam didn't vote. RevCam throws his arms up in disgust. I threw my arms up in disgust a while ago. Then I fell asleep, and my arms stayed frozen in mid-air, just like Matt!

Lucy's telling Annie about how RevCam didn't vote last year, as if anyone would actually care about this, but since this is 7th Heaven, where the most ludicrous of plotlines are always explored in agonizing detail, Annie does. She's especially pissed that Lucy didn't tell her as soon as she found out about RevCam's political inactivity, because mothers and daughters are supposed to share everything with each other. So Lucy asks Annie to share whether or not she voted last year, and Annie is forced to reveal that she didn't. She tells Lucy not to tell anyone this scandalous piece of information, and Lucy says she'll "try" not to tell her husband. How magnanimous of you, Lucy. Annie has learned her lesson, so when Lucy asks her who she's voting for, Annie won't say.

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