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Kevin and RevCam are talking about who they're voting for. "Of course I'm voting for him -- aren't you?" Kevin asks. RevCam says he is, indeed, voting for "him." You see, beginning a scene in medias res allows the show to, yet again, not say the names of any political candidate or parties. But there is a crucial flaw in their plan, since we can now firmly state that the CamMen are not voting for anyone of the female persuasion. Kevin and RevCam then figure out that, since their wives won't tell them who they're voting for, they must be voting for someone else. Is there no limit to what two brilliant minds like Kevin and RevCam's can do when combined? Maybe in the next episode they'll beat SamVid in a rousing game of Team Connect Four (which will occur off-camera). ["This is 7th Heaven. I'm positive we'd be forced to watch the entire game, including the part where Sam and Vid accuse each other of eating some of the pieces." -- Sars]

Sam asks Martin who he's voting for. Martin says he isn't old enough to vote.

Ruthie is also telling Vid that she can't vote. "But that's because she's not an American citizen," says my father. Vid thinks that children should be able to vote. This gives Ruthie an idea, which we know because the Piano of Ruthie Gets A Cause starts up.

Martin tells Sam that if he makes up with Vid, he'll read them a fascinating book about the political process. Vid enters the room and starts fighting with Sam over who's smarter. I would say that the winner of this contest is the child who can actually pronounce the word "smart." Sadly, this contest won't have a winner, although Vid gets an honorable mention for coming the closest. Martin says he can make them both smart, and pulls out a well-read children's book about voting. I guess that's their punishment for fighting.

Annie and Lucy come home to find RevCam and Kevin in the kitchen. Kevin and Lucy quickly make up, then look over at the CamRents and decide to leave for the Treehouse of Lurv so they can have some awesome make-up cheek pecks. Once they're gone, RevCam and Annie, in unison, accuse each other of not voting in the last election. Then they stare awkwardly until the scene fades out.

In bed, Kevin and Lucy discuss RevCam and Annie, and what they're doing right now.

And now we're panning across the CamRent's bed as we hear Annie's satisfied giggle. Although I don't know what could have happened, since they're both FULLY CLOTHED and Annie's even wearing a blouse, buttoned all the way up to her chin, with ANOTHER SHIRT under it. "I don't think we've had a night like this since Carter defeated Ford," says RevCam. "Hello? What about the night the governor was elected?" says Annie. "How could I forget Terminator night?" says RevCam, and ew. Speaking of Terminators, RevCam wonders how the Kevbot and Lucy are doing, because it's not gross at all for parents to have a post-coital discussion about their children. RevCam wonders if maybe he and Annie have been talking "too much," and that's why the kids won't listen to them. Some parallels are drawn between them talking too much and the presidential candidates talking too much, but it's not done very well. But it's all redeemed when Annie falls asleep in RevCam's face. HA! And you'd that would be enough to make RevCam shut up, but he doesn't. He keeps talking about how much parents love hearing themselves talk, and how he needs to start talking less and doing more. Hey, RevCam? Insisting on continuing your conversation even after rendering the other party unconscious may be starting your "not going to talk as much" program off on the wrong foot.

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