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Wayne Newton comes downstairs and informs the CamRents that war is hard on soldiers and their families. He says he visits soldiers' families to make them feel better. I wonder if this is actually true. Annie offers Wayne Newton refreshments, but Wayne Newton says he has some more people to see tonight. He's going to have to make like Santa Claus if he wants to visit every single family member of every single soldier in Iraq. I wonder if he's going to visit Roxanne's dad while he's in town. We know he won't be visiting Martha!

Ruthie knocks on Martin's door and enters the room. "Did I just see Wayne Newton come out of your room?" she asks, as if she would have any idea who he even is. Martin says it was, and he had a message for Martin from his dad. "What was the message?" Ruthie asks, since she apparently hasn't learned her lesson about being nosy, and Martin still hasn't realized that he doesn't need to tell her because she'll find out anyway. Martin says his dad told him to "hang in there." What a sucky message. Martin's dad went to Iraq, and all he got was an Inspirational Cat Poster. Ruthie apologizes for spying on Martin, and he apologizes for being a jerk. They shake hands, and Martin gets his jacket. He says he has a few more apologies to make.

Martin finds RevCam and Annie in the kitchen and apologizes to them for the things he said earlier. He says he's really grateful for everything the Camdens have done for him. Martin does this whole be-mad-at-RevCam-then-apologize-and-say-he's-grateful act like every episode, so it's just tired now. "We feel lucky to have you in our life, too," says Annie. Martin leaves before she can add that this is because the show was sorely lacking in the teen heartthrob department, what with Simon's departure.

Kevin comes downstairs holding a small notebook. He claims that it's Lucy's term paper and that after she gets a few things from the library, it will be done. Kevin adds that she's asleep as well. The CamRents are pleased.

Martin meets Coach on the Promenade. He apologizes for his attitude, the fight in the locker room, and the fight with the mascot. Coach says he wishes that Martin had talked to him about his problems instead of letting things build up. Coach says he'll see Martin at practice. Martin says he plans on apologizing to the kid he punched. He damn well better. In fact, he really should have been made to do that before he got to come back on the team. Martin asks Coach how he knew about his dad being in Iraq, as if there's anybody in this universe who doesn't. Coach tells Martin to ask "him," and then points to Mac, who is in the background, looking sad, leaning against the movie theater box office counter. That's so romantic.

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