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A Sphincter Says What?

Mac walks up and says that he told Coach about Martin's dad, and Coach told him to come to the Promenade because he thought Martin would need "a friend. Even a former best friend." Even a boyfriend. They shake hands and Mac asks if Martin wants to shoot some pool. Apparently, there's a cute new waitress. I ask you all to remember that Mac also thought that Martha was attractive. Mac says if Martin doesn't want her, he'll take a shot. Don't go for Martin's rejects, Mac! You're better than that, sometimes! Mac says that he actually did take a shot and the waitress winked at him. "She probably had something in her eye," says Martin, trying not to be jealous. Martin says he'll find his own girlfriend. And she will be Ruthie.

Daytime at the CamPound. Kevin is carrying Lucy around the kitchen towards some surprise he has for her. They go outside, and we see a little graduation ceremony has been set up in the backyard. Kevin says that RevCam talked to Lucy's dean and some students and they agreed to come to this. For the students, it's a rehearsal. For Lucy, it's real. Too bad she's wearing her pajamas for it. Kevin places Lucy with her dorky-looking classmates.

Dean calls a few students up, then calls Lucy. Kevin lifts her up out of her seat, where we see that the students the dean just called up, who could not have possibly returned to their seats in time, have in fact returned to their seats. Lucy has a graduation gown and a hat on, but you can still see her ugly pink pants under it. The dean gives her her diploma and she thanks him, then crosses her tassel. Lucy looks out at the audience and her family and says, "I'm a graduate!" while Kevin beams. And Kevin needs to not smile ever again. There are few people who don't look better when they smile, but he is one of them. We see shots of the Camdens applauding, and then a shot of Martin and Mac, sitting quite close. I'll let you ponder that while this show goes into repeats for a month and a half.

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