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Annie runs right to RevCam to tell him of Lucy's concerns. She tries to pretend that Lucy really will be better married off to a psycho robot, but I'm not buying it. When Simon comes along and wants to know what's going on, I half expect her to say, "Oh, shut up. You don't get any plots anymore because you're leaving after this season," but she just changes the subject and asks about some guests nobody even cares about. Ruthie comes along and wastes our time with a similar update.

When RevCam tries to reassure everyone that "there are no bad omens, just nervous brides," Ruthie asks, "What does that mean?" From around the corner we hear someone else ask, "What does what mean?" It's Mary, and why the hell does Brenda have her making such a weird entrance? Can't she just have her come in and say "hi" like a normal person? Ah, but I'd forgotten how Brenda loves to humiliate Mary. I've trashed Mary plenty of times myself, back in the day, but I have to agree with many of you who have said that it's appalling how mean Brenda has been to her on occasion. Despite that, however, seeing Mary again makes me remember just why I used to dislike her so much, and I must confess that my dislike hasn't subsided any. That's why this whole joyous reunion scene is leaving me cold. Worse than cold. Kind of squeamish, actually. You don't mind if we move on, do you?

Seeing Barry Watson, on the other hand, is surprisingly nice. And while I'll admit that it's partly because I'm glad he's come through his battle with cancer so well, I never did feel any real dislike for him, the way I always have for Jessica Biel. So, have you had enough of my soul-searching confessions? Me too. I'll just add that I also think Barry Watson's hair looks great, and then we'll leave it at that. Besides, seeing the twins waving dorkily to everyone from a distance, since nobody wants to touch them, pretty much breaks up the contemplative mood anyway.

Bo and Ben have finally made it to the church, although evidently they could not be bothered to change their clothes. Roxanne and RevBong are nowhere to be seen. Ben and his mom are discussing what to tell people about the desert fistfight when Kevin walks up. Bo and Ben have to explain that they were in a fight. To tell you the truth, none of it is making any more sense than it did when it actually happened. Simon comes up and stares at Ben and Bo as if they smell bad. Which, in all fairness, they might. Now, why the hell are they standing around here instead of changing into something a little less rumpled and filthy? When the T-1000 mentions that Simon can still be his best man, I suspect Kevin's decision has less to do with disappointing Simon than it does with the fact that Simon is simply better dressed.

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