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Blah blah, twins bring up wedding rings; blah blah, shots of extras Brenda owes favors to; blah blah, more vows. Oh, and don't forget the random shots of other characters trying hard to smile naturally as if they were enjoying themselves. In case you were wondering, Lucy does not promise to obey the cyborg. The rings are given, there's some very chaste kissing (appropriate, for once), and RevCam introduces the doomed couple as "Mr. and Mrs. Kinkirk," although if there were any justice in this world, he would have said, "KingJerk." Nobody bothers signing the marriage license -- not that the usual signatories, the best man and maid of honor, are old enough to sign legal documents anyway. And I'm no expert on California law, but I'm pretty sure that where I live, it's not even legal to marry a robot.

Well, that's all, folks. We're talking four minutes from start to finish, including the recessional. Boy, if all church services were this short, I'd consider going to church occasionally. I'd just have to make sure it wasn't RevCam's.

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