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Out in the hall, Lucy confronts her loathsome family members for spying on her. They don't apologize or anything; they just want to know if she and Kevin will be calling off the wedding. Kevin comes out and says they will not, but Lucy has her doubts. Say what you want about the T-1000 (and believe me, I've said plenty myself), but I do admire that he has the balls to tell the CamDorks to leave so he can talk to Lucy alone. What I don't admire so much is that he uses their private time to convince Lucy that he's right and she's wrong. Lucy's such a doormat that it's not exactly an uphill struggle, though.

The next scene is a little perplexing. Ruthie and Simon have joined their parents in bed. How old is Simon anyway? Isn't he, like, sixteen? Come to think of it, isn't Ruthie almost in her teens too? When RevCam tries tactfully to get his kids to leave, Annie misunderstands him and says she will go upstairs with Ruthie and Lucy, leaving Simon in bed with Eric. They discuss how awful it would be if Lucy and Kevin called off their wedding. Yeah, tragic. But neither Simon nor RevCam actually care about Lucy's happiness; they're just worried that RevCam's first official duty after returning to his church will be to tell people that his daughter is not getting married. I simply love how Brenda can find the most useless bit of a concept and weave an entire plot -- or even season-long story arc -- out of it. It's just too bad that the concepts are so rarely interesting.

Oh, dear God. Avert your gaze -- it's the twins. After they run through their litany of stupid questions, they join Simon and RevCam in the bed.

Upstairs, Ruthie is arguing with Annie about family weddings. Ruthie doesn't seem to care whether any of her family members will attend Lucy's wedding or even her own, should it take place one day. In fact, she plans to elope. I did that myself, and I can't recommend it enough. Annie disagrees. She says that "marriage is about family," which I think is total bullshit. But look at the source. When Ruthie insists that none of the out-of-town guests will make it to the wedding, Annie shoots her a nasty look. Ruthie makes me like her better when she sarcastically says, "What, like my saying it is gonna keep them from coming?" That brief moment of admiration deserts me a few seconds later when Ruthie starts talking about RevCam's feelings on the matter of returning to the church. You really have to wonder if Brenda has received any feedback whatsoever on this storyline. I can't imagine there's a single viewer out there, no matter how stupid, who even cares one iota about RevCam's career path. When Annie admonishes Ruthie to "think pleasant thoughts," Ruthie smiles in an evil fashion. At least I thought it was evil-looking. Since she claims to be in love with stupid Peter, Peter, Apple-Stealer, I have to conclude that Satan is mixed up in this somehow. She says she likes the way Peter calls her "honey" and "sweetie." No, really. I can't tell if she genuinely feels sappy about the little fruit thief or if she's just trying to torment Annie. And rest assured that Annie really does look tormented. Heh.

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