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The trip down memory lane is interrupted by the ringing of the telephone -- and the arrival of Thing One and Thing Two, who should never, ever, ever be allowed to answer the phone. Naturally, they do it in unison, and, quite frankly, if I were calling the Camdens for some reason -- I know, suspend your disbelief for a second -- and heard the twins answer the phone like that, I'd hang right up and call NASA to report an alien invasion. The caller is Mary, and for some reason, she stays on the line. She thinks that she will make it to the church on time, and she's also bringing a surprise guest. Oh, right -- that would be Dopey, I'm sure. Oops, I probably shouldn't spoil the "surprise" for both the viewers who didn't see that coming from two thousand miles away. Annie claims that it's totally fine for Mary to bring an unexpected guest at the very last minute. Yeah, that's right. Who cares how much advance notice those damn caterers need to, you know, buy and prepare food and stuff. As Annie puts down the phone, she closes her eyes for a while. I think it's supposed to connote happiness, but it looks more like she's fallen asleep. Her and a large percentage of the audience, no doubt.

Now it's RevCam's turn to watch some cartoons. His bizarre selection is Mighty Mouse, although when Lucy walks in, I can see why he might have chosen it, since all those rollers in her hair make her look a little like the cartoon rodent herself. Lucy's ready to head down to the church with Annie, but first she wants to know where Kevin is. She's still worried that he won't show up for the wedding. She even looks weepy. That is so pathetic that I feel like crying. RevCam tells Lucy that the way he got rid of the T-1000 was to pretend that he wanted to talk about sex. That prospect apparently blew a circuit or two, so the cyborg took off. Lucy compliments her dad's technique (for getting rid of Kevin, that is; not for…er, never mind), implying once again that it's so great that RevCam's going back to the church. Right, because we couldn't possibly have more than a thirty-second stretch without someone mentioning that all-important subplot. And then it's time for the "Who Will Make It To The Wedding?" round-up -- something else we haven't heard for nearly a minute. Lucy claims that she and Annie aren't going to worry about who Mary is bringing as her guest. RevCam thinks that's very "Zen" of them; I think it just makes them seem normal and healthy -- for once. RevCam tries to warn Lucy not to expect too many wedding guests by saying, "No expectations, no disappointments." I should embroider that on a pillow and place it on top of the TV when I watch this show each week.

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