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We Do

The phone rings again. RevCam rushes to answer it so he can say smutty things to the caller, but Simon gets to it first. The caller has already hung up by the time RevCam rudely grabs the phone from Simon. No phone sex for you today, Eric. Simon says that the caller was Annie's father, who is on his way to Glenoak. Simon won't say who Grandpa hitched a ride with, though.

If you figured it was Gabrielle, you were right. She's gone to Arizona to pick up the GramRents. Ginger, however, thought the trip would be "too dangerous," so she stayed behind, leaving Gramps alone in the car with Gabrielle, who wastes no time coming on to him. Heh. She rocks so hard. Gabrielle is completely unfazed when Gramps slides her hand off his knee and tells her he's in love with Ginger. In fact, she even winks at him.

It's time to check in with the losers in the desert. Roxanne is still whining about how Kevin will "kill" her if she doesn't make it to his lame-ass wedding on time. What is it he does for a living again? Oh, right -- he's a cop. You know, someone really needs to investigate the Glenoak PD. It doesn't sound like they're short on corruption or anything. Annoyed by Roxanne's whining, Ben gets out of the car and invites Chandler to slug him -- an offer I would find far more intriguing if it were being made by the other Stults brother. RevBong takes him up on it, though. Ben looks like he weighs twice as much as RevBong, so it's a little hard to suspend my disbelief when it seems that Chandler is actually holding his own in this fight.

Roxanne takes a break from puking behind the dumpster to order the guys to quit fighting. She even threatens to shoot them. What was I just saying about the Glenoak PD? Mrs. Kinkirk rolls her eyes at the boys and says, "If it were Ben and Kevin, I would just leave them." Yeah, but Kevin doesn't weigh 112 pounds, like Chandler, does he? Because Brenda can't be bothered to come up with a realistic reason for Bo and Roxanne to throw down, she has Roxanne inexplicably get offended by Bo's comment. A few lame insults are exchanged, and then Mrs. Kinkirk takes a swing at Roxanne. Go, Bo! I'm not sure I'd be punching Roxanne in the torso, though. Hasn't she just spent the better part of the last day tossing her Brenda's Cookies?

As Ruthie walks down the front stairway in the CamPound, RevCam stares at her. Ruthie interprets this to mean that Eric thinks she looks grown-up, but I am not nearly as charitable. The last time I saw anyone wearing dorky see-through cap sleeves like that, I believe it was at Disneyland. Eric gets all sappy, but Ruthie assures him that even if she "does marry Peter Petrowski," she won't do it until she is at least thirty. It's hard to tell if RevCam is trying hard not to laugh at her or if he is genuinely dismayed because she doesn't want to be married as soon as she graduates high school.

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