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Back from commercials, we see that Richard, Annie, RevCam, and Matt have deemed the Hello Kitty room the best place in the house to have a conversation of such gravity and importance. Matt tells them about how he's been feeling "exhausted, and defeated, and depressed" lately, and he needs to make some changes in his life. Then Richard starts talking, so I fast-forward. When Matt gets to speak again, he reveals that he is dropping out of medical school. Annie and Eric look, as you would expect, upset, although it's difficult to tell what Annie feels since her reaction close-up seems to have been shot through a jar of Vaseline. RevCam asks Matt what happened; he says that PC left him. Richard starts talking again, saying that Matt and PC can't break up because of the adverse effect it would have on his relationship with the Camdens, because Matt and PC's marriage is all about him. Finally, he gets up to leave, announcing that he and Conehead love Matt and want him to stay in school and graduate, and they want their daughter to stay with him. No one is paying attention to him anymore, though, so he leaves.

Annie asks what happened with PC. Matt says she left him after Hanukkah, moving out and getting her own apartment. Did she take that dog with her? Because otherwise, it's sitting in Matt's apartment starving right now, isn't it? Matt thinks that dropping out of school will solve their marriage problems, which he believes stem entirely from the fact that they have to compete against each other in school. Annie very graciously volunteers to "withhold judgment" of PC, then gives Matt some advice like, "if you want to be a doctor, then just learn to be a doctor," and "if you want to be married while you're learning to be a doctor, then make sure PC knows that." Annie has the simplest outlook on life ever. She tells him to go back to school tomorrow, "even if [she has] to hold [his] hand and go with [him] -- which [she] will be very happy to do." Then she runs out of the room, because this conversation is getting her down. RevCam tells Matt that Annie's not lying -- she really will hold his hand and walk him into med school. I don't think anyone doubted that. When it comes to Simon, however, and the chances of him even getting a car ride to his school, that I doubt. Eric tells Matt that they will love and support him, no matter what, and asks him if there's anything he can do. Then he warns him that dropping out of school might not help his marriage -- PC might feel guilty about being the reason Matt gave up on his dream of becoming a doctor. Then he asks Matt if he needs any financial assistance, and Matt says he does. RevCam tells him that he'll just have to get a loan from the bank like everyone else, because he likes his individual bottled waters and he won't give them up for no one. Or he tells Matt that he'll be fine, and they have a manly hug. That was a nice little scene, but wasn't it established just last episode that Matt was thinking of dropping out of school because he was questioning his destiny or whatever, and it had very little to do with PC? Way to be consistent, Brenda.

Ruthie bounds downstairs where Annie, apparently having quickly recovered from being all upset about Matt, is cooking. As Ruthie approaches the oven, Annie throws a baked potato at her. Well, actually she drops it, but I'd like to think that she was throwing it at her. Who bakes potatoes in the oven anyway? Doesn't it take, like forty minutes, as opposed to the microwave, which does it in five? Anyway, Annie says something about how accidents happen, prompting Ruthie to say, "Funny you should mention that." And then, before Ruthie can confess, Annie says that she dropped the potato on purpose to make a point about dropping stuff accidentally. That's all well and good, but how can Annie make a point about dropping thing accidentally by dropping something on purpose? That's like trying to compare apples and oranges! Annie says she knows Ruthie broke the cookie jar and she wants to have an honest relationship with her daughter and blah blah blah. Ruthie apologizes with a complete lack of sincerity for breaking the cookie jar, and hiding it, and then letting the twins take the blame for it. She says she's ready for whatever punishment Annie wants to give her. Annie says that the punishment will be no baked potato with dinner tonight. That's not even a punishment to me -- I hate baked potatoes. Oh, and also, what is the deal with Annie's punishment strategy these days? A couple seasons ago, she was all for locking her children in the garage for the most minor of infractions, and now Ruthie lies and breaks stuff and all she gets is no baked potato? I don't get it. Ruthie tells her mother that she loves her, and Annie demands kisses. Ruthie figures out that Annie knew who the true cookie jar culprit was because she didn't kiss her mother. She kissed her before she left for school, though. Does Annie mean when they were in the hallway? She requires kisses from her teenage daughters every time they leave a room? That's so fucked up. Annie yammers on about how daughters "pull away" from their mothers in their teenage years, and she senses that that's happening with Ruthie and so somehow that helped her figure out about the cookie jar. Ruthie kisses her mother, and when those two are standing next to each other, they look less related than ever.

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