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Kevin runs into the apartment, saying he's "technically on a bathroom break." Huh? What did he do, go to the station bathroom and then sneak out a back window and run home? His partner must be standing outside the bathroom door by now, knocking and saying, "Uh…everything okay in there, man? It's been, like, twenty minutes." Kevin and Lucy apologize to each other; Lucy says she understands why Kevin lied to her about Mindy being in town because of what a crazy jealous bitch she was last time Mindy visited. And she's on her way to meet Mindy for dinner right now and looking forward to hearing about what Kevin was like in high school. Kevin runs away, saying he hopes Lucy still loves him after her dinner with Mindy. He totally has herpes. Meanwhile, Kevin's partner: "Kevin? [knocks] Kevin? Do you need some, like, help in there? Kevin? Wow, this is awkward."

Chandler walks Peter to the CamPound door. He asks Peter to not mention the marriage thing to Paris, because he would rather do that himself. Peter says sure, and asks Chandler to let him know if he hears from Paris. They exchange an extremely awkward fist pound to say goodbye.

The doorbell rings, and RevCam answers it. It's Sally, who starts shoving RevCam around, yelling at him for offering Martin a place to stay in Glenoak. She says she loves Martin and wanted him to move to New York; she wasn't trying to dump him. Besides, RevCam doesn't even know if Martin's dad would be okay with this. RevCam tries to talk his way out of it, then realizes that he can't, and apologizes for not asking her before he talked to Martin. "What do you want me to do?" RevCam asks. Sally says she wants him to let Martin stay at the CamPound, "of course." It turns out that she's all for dumping Martin; she just likes to be asked about it first. Then she invites herself over for dinner and walks to the kitchen. As she retreats, RevCam blatantly stares at her ass, even tilting his head to get the best view. Annie comes downstairs and says that Sally is "very pretty." Seriously, is she angling for a threesome? Hey, remember the days when Annie would almost murder her husband if she even suspected he was flirting with another woman? And now she loves it! That's so consistent. Annie and RevCam talk about Matt and whether or not he'll stay married and in med school. Annie says she knows he'll do both. Then they make out. The camera pans over to Matt, who was standing on the stairs watching them. He smiles.

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