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Asslee and Martin are in school. Martin says his aunt is acting "funny," based entirely on the fact that she asked him for RevCam's phone number. Asslee says she hopes nothing bad is going on. Martin says he knows it doesn't have anything to do with his father, because he got an email from him this morning. They decide that the aunt must have something "personal" to discuss with RevCam.

And suddenly we're looking at some girl's butt. She walks away from the camera, then turns and walks towards it, and we see that she's in RevCam's office. She asks him to "watch again," and he does. We see another shot of her ass, then of RevCam checking it out. What's going on here? Aren't they in church? I don't get religion. She comes back and says that "they're for luck," by which she means the charm bracelets she's wearing around her knees. RevCam says he does "feel lucky." Then he realizes how that sounds and clarifies that he's lucky to be married to Annie, and that they're about to become grandparents. The girl doesn't care, and starts talking about her charm bracelets and how many she's sold. She's going to be moving on to underwear, which is what she wanted to talk to RevCam about. RevCam says he "couldn't offer [her] much advice on that," since he doesn't wear any. Okay, he didn't say the last part. But now we all have disturbing visuals, don't we? The girl giggles and tells RevCam he's funny. He's funnier than Richard Lewis, anyway. She offers RevCam a sample of her wares. He says he wouldn't wear them. She says she was actually thinking about Ruthie, and hands him a pair of socks with military emblems on them and a knee-bracelet with military-related charms. She says this design is in honor of her brother, and everything she makes from their sale goes to a veteran's charity. Which is why she'd much rather give the military socks out to strangers than, say, the socks she makes money off of. RevCam asks her if her brother's in the military. No, RevCam, he just loves military-themed knee socks and veteran's charities. The girl looks surprised, then asks if Martin told him that his dad is "in the Marines -- in Iraq." Oh my god, what? Is she saying that Martin's dad is in the military and stationed in Iraq? I had no idea! RevCam realizes that the girl is Martin's aunt, and not some lady he was expecting who was scheduled to drop by with some fund-raising ideas. I can understand where the confusion comes from, as Martin's aunt both looks and sounds like a fifteen-year-old, and thus you wouldn't expect her to be the legal guardian of a sixteen-year-old, let alone a successful sock designer. But I don't know why the aunt didn't properly introduce herself to RevCam when she arrived at the office. Did she just walk on in there and start showing off her ass? That's rude. Aunt says that she has to move to New York City for her sock fashion empire, but she wants RevCam to break the news to Martin. She says she isn't very good at communication, especially with a kid, as she has no experience. Couldn't she just talk to herself in the mirror a few times and get some, then?

Kevin enters the CamPound through the unlocked front door, surprising Lucy, who's reading on the couch. Doesn't Lucy have her own apartment for reading? She asks him how he got out of work so early. He says he didn't -- he just skipped out to say hi, and to tell her that he has to work late and will miss dinner. He turns to leave, then stops and tells Lucy that Mindy is in town and she wants to have dinner with them. Lucy scrunches up her face horrifically and asks Kevin if he just lied to her about having to stay at work late. He says he was "thinking about it," but then decided to tell her the truth. Lucy stands up and makes a series of faces and says "wrong answer!" over and over again like she's Alex Trebek or something. Then she storms out of the room. Kevin asks her if this means she doesn't want to go. I think Lucy flips him off, but it's hard to tell. If she did, that's pretty cool.

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