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Richard and Matt are still hanging out. Richard is now holding a bouquet of flowers. He says that he thought PC and Matt were "the most compatible couple of all time." Based on what? Their mutual love of George W. Bush? Because that's the only thing they had in common. Matt says he thought that he and PC were "compatible in every way," which gets Richard's attention. He presses Matt to define "every" way, then rambles on for a while about how they're two grown men and should be able to discuss "it," or "s-e-x." Um, shouldn't they be able to say it first? Matt says he and PC spent all their time together. Maybe too much time, especially since they're under pressure in medical school and all. Hey, Matt, maybe you should have considered the fact that medical school is a little intense before you decided you wanted to share the experience with a wife who's a veritable stranger. Richard says he's sure everything will work out. Then Matt says he's leaving medical school, and Richard is so upset that he drops his flower bouquet. They should have made the flowers wilt in Richard's hand instead, while playing a sound effect of a slide whistle -- that would have been hilarious. And less cartoonish than most of the stuff that happens on this show.

Evening at Glenoak PD Blue. Det. Michaels swings by Kevin's desk and informs him that he has taken it upon himself to solve all of Kevin's problems by assigning him to work an extra shift tonight. Kevin tries to get out of it, since extra work extra sucks, but Det. Michaels isn't having that; nor is he very pleased with Kevin for lying to Lucy and considering having dinner with his ex. Yeah, um, Det. Michaels? You might want to think about minding your own damn business. And probably look into getting yourself a life.

RevCam comes into the living room and asks Asslee to give Annie a hand with the dinner she and Martin just invited themselves over to partake of. Martin and RevCam make small talk about Sally; then Martin says, apropos of nothing, that moving to Glenoak has worked out really well for him so far. Yes, if by "really well," he means that no one in school likes him because of his undying love for the unpopular principal and the fact that he has a girlfriend who closely resembles a bobble-head doll (and not in a good way), then yes, it certainly has. RevCam breaks the news that Sally wants to move to New York, and asks Martin how he feels about this. "I feel betrayed and angry," Martin says, managing to sound like he feels neither of these emotions. Way to act, Tyler Hoechlin. RevCam says they might be able to figure out an "alternative," like living at the CamPound, seeing as they "certainly have room" for him. No, they don't! They have six people living there regularly, and two married children, one of whom is pregnant, who come home and visit way too frequently. And then there's Simon, who presumably comes home and lives at the CamPound during school breaks, and Peter and Asslee, who seem to sleep over on a semi-regular basis. Not to mention that SamVid should be fast approaching the age when they want separate bedrooms. And if they really want to be charitable and open their house up to the less fortunate, shouldn't they have started with, like, the girl who got molested by her own father two episodes ago? Or her brother? And when is that PCS lady going to stop by the CamPound and rescue SamVid? This goddamn show, I hate it.

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