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After an all-too-brief commercial respite, RevCam and Annie are arguing about the way he stalks their children. Move along, people! Nothing new or interesting to see here! Except, perhaps, Annie's assessment of Eric's mental health: "You're out of your mind. You know that, don't you?" RevCam natters on some more until he hears the door open to Simon and Nigel. Having worked up a good head of steam with his rant about his daughters, he looks ready to kick some Simon ass. He asks the boys where they've been. When they don't say anything, Annie offers that she sent them to the garage to take something there for her. The boys make a grateful escape upstairs. RevCam says, "You sent them to the garage? That's practically inviting them to light up!" Annie replies, "I choose to trust." She believes that Simon and Nigel do not smoke and that there must be some other reason they have the cigarettes. I snicker derisively. The conversation moves back to Lucy making out on her first date with Rick. Some other movie make-out incident from Lucy's past is brought to RevCam's attention. The voice of reason is provided so rarely on this show that I must make note of it when it happens. Annie says, "We have got to hope that we have raised our daughters well enough that they're not doing anything more than kissing. But I think we have to expect the kissing." RevCam's not buying it. He says he's going for another walk, but SuperMom puts a stop to that and makes him do some deep-breathing exercises or something.

Over at Dopey's swinging bachelor pad, John is the morose one for a change. He's sitting at the table, picking at his lasagna while Dopey bores the hell out of the girls with The Chickenhead Story. Except they're not bored! They're loving it! I don't know if there's a crane big enough to suspend my disbelief for this story. ["Try the crane that lifted this subplot part and parcel from Swingers" -- Sars] Yeah, okay, some chicks are sympathetic when you tell them your relationship woes, but this is unreal. The blonde is telling Dopey that because he works in a hospital -- a "life-and-death environment" -- he is "very brave." John puts things in perspective by pointing out that "it's not like he's healing the critically ill; he wears a hairnet and serves Jell-O." He tries to get the women to eat dinner, but they would rather comfort Dopey. The Dopester looks at one girl's crotch and sighs. She looks down at her jean-clad legs and asks him what's wrong. He says, "It's just that Shana used to wear jeans." Oh, God, I think I have an appointment to drive the porcelain bus.

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