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Who Nose

Simon approaches the scene of the mural and greets the visual arts guys. The mural, so far, is a charcoaled drawing of a bunch of trees. Not Christmas trees, either. The visual arts guys have paint smeared all over their faces, as well as major attitude. One of the boys tells Simon he can help by washing out the buckets and brushes. The others laugh all Eddie-Haskell style. Simon goes, "Great, this is gonna be fun." The psycho-est looking little boy turns and tells him that the real fun (you know -- the HUFFING) comes later. His cronies nudge him and he shuts up. Simon leaves and one of the boys snorts and says, "What do you wanna bet Camden's a spy sent in to bust our whole operation?" Ooh -- the operation! Maybe there'll be a speed-boat chase later on! Hey, how come these little operators aren't wearing any gold chains, huh?

The next scene is all about RevCam talking on the phone to a guy from NYU. The Rev gives Shana a fabulous recommendation and then ascertains that she's applying to go there this January and not next fall. Okay. So she's ready to kick Matt to the curb with RevCam smiling in the background. Groovy.

Ruthie goes into her bedroom and accosts Simon, who is reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by, um, who is that? Dale Carnegie? Long, un-cute story short: Ruthie takes a Play-Doh impression of Simon's nose while Happy looks on with dismay.

RevCam drops off Mary at a park or something where her fellow community servicers are serving. I notice that one of them is a woman with a bandanna on her head and jeans torn at the knee. Another person there is wearing a camouflage hat and a purple zip-up sweatshirt with huge holes in the kangaroo pockets. This guy and Bandanna Woman are wearing exactly matching, sparkling-white undershirts, though. It's good to know that there's a place where criminals can find easily-laundered undershirts at an affordable price, isn't it? Mary and Mystery Boy exchange "hi"s and then goo-goo eyes. He's not even that cute. ["Well, neither is Mary, but whatever." -- Sars] For some unknown reason, RevCam has driven around the block. He slows down long enough to take in the vision that is Mary, smiling at Bad Boy and barely picking up any trash with her pointy stick. RevCam makes a face that clearly indicates him thinking, "That bitch!" and drives away. Oh, life is a never-ending trail of sorrow for the Camdens.

I'm not trying to be mean but, Robin Williams, can you PLEASE retire? I know Mrs. Doubtfire was a big hit, but since then -- this robot flick. It's time to give it up now. Don't you have enough money? Go home. Take up a sport or two to burn off your excess energy. Clear the stage for someone else, why don't you?

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