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In the room behind the closet, Lucy guesses that Mary met a guy at community service. Yes, she did, and his name is Robbie. Robbie Palmer. He goes to school across town. Mary repeats his name several times orgasmically and says that she loves it. This is the part where someone cornier than me would say something like, "Might as well face it, Mary, you're addicted to love." Instead, I'll say that I bet one of the writers was watching VH1 the day before coming up with Robbie's name. He told the other writers, "Robbie Palmer. That's catchy, isn't it?" The others agreed. After the show aired, various friends and relatives called each writer and said, "I didn't know you were such a big fan of Robert Palmer." Each writer, in turn, tried to play it off by saying, "Yeah. Um, yeah, I am." Mary gloats about seeing Robbie every day at community service and not having to tell the CamRents about it. Lucy gets all teacher's-pet-reminding-teacher-she-forgot-to-assign-homework on Mary. Blah, blah. "It's not like I'm on some kind of crime wave or something," argues Mary. "Yeah, but you're supposed to be on a punishment wave!" points out Lucy. Ooh! Busted! Mary points out that no one ever said punishment was supposed to be a bad thing. "Blah blah parents!" says Lucy. "And that's why we're not gonna tell 'em," sighs moony Mary. Ah, young stupidity. Oops, I mean, "young love."

Down in the kitchen, Matt is aGAIN eating the CamFam's food while StuporMom just stands around doing a housewifely chore. RevCam walks in and tells her, "You know, the stray dog won't go away if you keep feeding him." That was kind of funny. StuporMom thinks so, too, and she giggles. Here's some more comic relief for you. Matt asks Daddy Cam, "Does Mom ever kiss funny when something's up?" Before asking this, though, he pulls RevCam aside so that they are standing six feet away from Annie instead of five. "Why, did she just kiss you?" RevCam wants to know. Annie turns and giggles again. In fact, I think it was the same piece of film they used the first time. Matt explains that Shana's been kissing funny. RevCam is holding a black bible with a pen and a yellow piece of paper in it. He listens as Matt says that Shana's kissing better than ever before, as if she's guilty, sad, or saying goodbye. Okay, whatever, Matt Partridge. Annie eavesdrops feverishly as RevCam lays some line on Matt about youth, love, and things happening. Matt is annoyed by this cliché and peels out. Annie gives RevCam her trademark ugly look and asks, "What things can happen?" Daddy Cam plays with the carrot stick in his mouth instead of answering.

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